Innovation Room: Managing Through Crisis

By Aaron Shaver, Ph.D. | CISSP, Field CTO and Mark Campbell | Chief Innovation Officer

IT leaders are searching for a “new normal” in their personal and professional lives; adapting to change and finding practical strategies to deal with disruptive challenges. Technology, business, financial and political landscapes are in crisis. Personal lives are thrown into chaos with rapid lifestyle changes, creating uncertainty, fear and anxiety. Despite all of this, we see an encouraging path forward but only for those who take the time to make informed practical choices. Join us as we guide you through time-tested and emerging strategies for responding to this crisis.

We continue to distill practical insights from investors, start-ups and enterprises; some who are seeing massive growth, others who are maintaining and many who are seeing traditional businesses collapse. The “haves” and “have-nots”, if you will.  This crisis has impacted a variety of industries in some very surprising and specific ways. Not always what we expected!  Let's look at how successful and unsuccessful organizations are responding and what practical recommendations we can glean. Over the next few days, we will dig into 3 functional perspectives to help you better understand, adapt and lead your organization into the best possible position.

Each day we will uncover a deeper look into:

  • Effect on Industries
  • Effect on IT Priorities
  • Long-Term Effects
While this is a time of unprecedented uncertainty, we believe that it is also an opportunity for IT leaders to provide clarity and security to their colleagues and clients. Making the right choices and avoiding the wrong ones takes a unique perspective, access to data and exceptional wisdom under normal circumstances, even more so now. Join Trace3 as we observe hundreds of investors, startups, enterprise clients and technology vendors through their journeys, all while we pair that with deep industry expertise, real-time market trends to see what is successful and what is not.

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