A Change in Temperature: Thermal Imaging Technologies

As we partially emerge from the pandemic lockdown and cautiously reopen physical officesbusiness leaders are looking to ensure their employees and families are protected from exposure to COVID-19 

When deciding when and how to re-open, decisions made by business leaders play an integral role in supporting employee and public health. The right technology can help maintain increased health and safety guidelines, including daily temperature screenings. Thermal imaging technology has come into the spotlight as an essential tool in facilitating these screenings while serving as part of an overall pandemic business strategy. 

Dell Technologies has developed Thermal Vision, a comprehensive Human Based Monitoring (hBMsolution, as a technology supplement to an organization’s re-opening strategy. By combining artificial intelligence, thermal cameras, and cloud-based management, the solution delivers a smarter application to detect elevated body temperatures in real-time. 

More accurate than an infrared point-and-shoot thermometer, Thermal Vision utilizes thermal sensors to capture or detect variances and compare against a known data set, allowing recognition of even the slightest change in temperature and identification of high-risk individuals.  

These stand-off thermal imaging capabilities allow a safe distance when screeningThis hBM solution also is compact and mobile to meet entry point configuration needs. The technology processes information quickly and accurately, resulting in a faster flow of traffic into buildings.  

Key Features and Benefits:  

  • Thermal temperature calibration that can detect elevated body temperature in real-time, enabling immediate action if/when needed most. 
  • Powered with Deep Vision AI and IoT Monitoring Platform to enhance accuracy and reduce human error. 
  • Can be installed inside and outside - system adjusts automatically to ambient temperature. 
  • Personalized portals where users can monitor activity and results, set alerts for real-time notification and responsiveness. 
  • Additional AI Modules can be enabled for people counting, facial recognition and demographics, object detection, access control, and more. 
Making informed decisions and implementing advanced technology is key to opening safely, reducing mass exposure, and protecting employee and public health 

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