The Cloud Is Calling, It's Time to Pick Up

By Derek Smith | Trace3 Cloud Evangelist

Welcome to the Year of Cloud Security

A quick review of the similarities and differences between Public, Private, and Hybrid cloud environments.

In today’s virtual-first environment, the reality is that business success and the cloud go hand in hand. Businesses continue to seek a number of possible value plays from the cloud, all of which warrant attention: cost reduction, enhanced privacy and security, opportunities for innovation, new storage space, and expanded IT development capabilities. But not all cloud solutions are equal. Here’s a to-the-point breakdown of how public, private, and hybrid cloud environments compare.

Public cloud environments are owned by a Cloud Services Provider (CSP). They provide resources to multiple organizations simultaneously and are available on demand. Public cloud environments have near-unlimited scalability and are the most common cloud-type deployment model.

Private cloud environments are owned and operated by your specific organization. They are typically created within your organization’s data center and are usually accessed securely over your organization’s private network. Private cloud environments are customized to meet your specific business needs and do not provide open access to the public.

Hybrid cloud environments combine both Public and Private cloud deployment models. Hybrid clouds maintain private infrastructure for sensitive or low latency-dependent workloads while providing easy transition of less critical workloads to the public cloud, especially when additional resources are deemed necessary. This ease of transition to the public cloud also allows organizations a way to test performance and migrate information gradually. Are you looking for a holistic and agnostic approach to understanding and implementing the best cloud strategy for your organization? Trace3’s Cloud Solutions Group (CSG) can help with that. Visit for more information.

Derek works as a Cloud Evangelist at Trace3. As part of the Cloud + Azure team, he engages with clients to help transform their business applications, operations, and initiatives to the Azure Public Cloud. Additionally, Derek also regularly serves within the Azure Community as a mentor, public speaker, content creator, and enthusiast for all things Azure Public Cloud. Outside of work, you’ll typically find Derek enjoying time with his two kids, reading, snowboarding during the winter, or playing video games. Check out Derek on social media:

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