Why IT Leaders Should Consider Cisco Umbrella

JUL 29, 2019

By William Kuczmera, Trace3 Solution Architect

Relating to most, if not all, the common complaints that come in from customers comes easy to me. I have been the Network Admin who was promised the moon and stars only to be significantly disappointed when the new solution was rolled out. I have been the Delivery Engineer who had to “re-adjust” expectations after sales and/or pre-sales created un-realistic expectations for a solution. Most recently, I have been wearing my Pre-Sales Engineering hat, which entails managing and clarifying expectations in all directions.

I have worked in the networking space for over 10 years. I love deploying and implementing solutions that help my customers achieve their desired business outcomes. I consider myself quite lucky as my career path has exposed me to quite a few different views and perspectives.

I have been exposed to, deployed, studied, configured, broke, and/or fixed a great deal of solutions on the market today. As time moves forward, we will continue to see more and more cloud hosted apps and as such, more and more cloud hosted security solutions. Cisco has made it quite clear that they are moving away from traditional physical hardware sales and are moving towards creating subscription-based software solutions.

Cisco Umbrella is a secure internet gateway (SIG) that provides the first line of defense on the internet regardless of the users’ geographic location. The massive set of data points Umbrellas has to work with is one of its most impressive features. When combining the number of users along with the diversity of the data, you can understand why Cisco Umbrella is the leader in this space.

Cisco Talos is a group of over 250 researchers, network security specialists, and data scientists, that adds significant value to this solution on top of the built-in software algorithms. Whether you are interested in Umbrella or not, please take a look at the Talos site.

Here is an example of what Cisco Umbrella can do.

I am located in Michigan as I write this and let’s pretend for arguments sake that an Umbrella user in Japan was the intended victim of a phishing email. When that user clicks a link in an email, Umbrella catches any malicious code in the link and stops the end user’s machine from becoming infected. What is even more impressive is the fact that the Talos feed is then updated in near real-time; roughly 4-5 minutes.

Now, if I was a customer, my end users in Michigan are instantly protected from that threat based on the other Umbrella customer’s experience in Japan. The way Cisco Umbrella is able to leverage its massive set of data points to protect its customers in real-time is what I find most attractive about the subscription-based solution. There is no way for my end users to disable the lightweight agent, which can be deployed as part of the latest version of Cisco AnyConnect or installed separately.



Main Benefits of Cisco Umbrella:

  • Visibility and protection everywhere
  • Intelligence to uncover attacks earlier
  • Simple deployment and management
  • Open platform for integration
  • Fast and reliable cloud infrastructure

Cisco Umbrella is the easiest, most simple, effective security solution that an organization can deploy today, if you have users that work remotely and/or utilize the internet. (Who doesn’t?)

I know…you already have a firewall and it was expensive and is doing a good job. I get it. However, what are you doing to protect your mobile workers when they are off the corporate network? In a recent Cisco survey, 82% of employees admit to not always using their VPN clients while on work machines in public settings.

Another scenario to consider, what happens if a corporate owned laptop becomes infected with a Command and Control Callback? What solution do you have in place today that can block the bad guy from getting access to your employees’ machine, your company’s data, and ultimately your customer’s data?

With Umbrella, you can greatly reduce the odds of your end users falling victim to a multitude of different attacks.

Fun Facts on Cisco Umbrella:

  • 100% uptime since 2006
  • 120 billion DNS requests daily
  • 2 million live events per second
  • 11 billion historical events
  • Discovers over 3 million new domain names daily
  • Identifies over 60,000 malicious destinations daily
  • Enforces over 7 million malicious domains and IPs at the same time a DNS request is being processed
  • 85 million users across 160 countries (Umbrella even works in China!)
  • Peering relationships with over 500 ISPs and content delivery networks to exchange BGP routes. This means faster DNS resolution times than your end users are accustomed to today in most cases.
  • Cisco Talos feed of malicious domains updated every 4 hours
  • 25 data centers worldwide

The best security strategies help identify and address risks early, deploy your IT resources efficiently, and protect your environment and data prudently. To do that, you need to rely on consistent support from a skilled team. Here at Trace3, we implement the latest security measures for our clients and never back down from the brutal reality of cybercrime. As your trusted advisor, we use the industry’s most forward-thinking solutions to revitalize your cyber-security program and operate from a platform that enables you to take the risks you need to profit and grow. To learn more about the capabilities of Cisco Umbrella visit our website to contact us and discuss a free no risk 14 day trial.

We believe All Possibilities Live in Technology. Trace3 Security






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