Why ‘Digital Twins’ are a MUST in 2018

APR 16, 2018

“Twinning!” is often exclaimed by fashionistas who think and dress alike. But the tech crowd? Surprisingly, yes! ‘Digital twins’ are rising in popularity, and for good reason: Gartner named it one of the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for this year. The technology will enable organizations to better understand, predict and optimize making digital twins an imperative part of any businesses go forward strategy. So, what is a digital twin? In layman’s terms, digital twins put product models, business processes, and other relevant functions into a digital mock-up that can be used for analytics and predictions.

  1. IoT – ASAP: Businesses have been building digital twins in some form since the dawn of digital, but now, they are making a more formal comeback with increasing IoT (Internet of Things) practices. Digital twins eat for two – literally. The data generated from IoT activities normally bogs down programs, but digital twins eat it up. They are eager to analyze multiple possibilities and rely on increasing amounts of data to do so.
  2. Across Industries: Digital twinning technology has been used by a multitude of organizations, from small businesses to NASA. Because of its increasing demand in the past five years or so, digital modeling technology has come to be offered in a variety of options that are still relatively up-to-date. Whatever the organization, digital twin technology can benefit its analytics, risk management, and predictions if done correctly.
  3. Time Machine: Everybody in the tech industry has, at one point or another, thought about programming a time machine. Digital twins let you do just that (as of right now, just for business models, though!). Drive business outcomes with educated decisions backed by real analytical data, data that is only possible from a digital twin. Play out multiple scenarios and product value chains on a digital twin. Don’t like what you see? Just reset it to the starting data and start again – slate clean.

Team Work Makes the Twin Work: What are we at Trace3 most excited about in this landscape? Helping CIOs like you program your organization’s own digital twins. We never put our name behind something we don’t believe in, and we are excited to help clients realize the value of digital twin’s within their organizations. With such rich opportunities to aid our clients’ analytical models, we couldn’t turn down the chance to include it in our premiere service line-up. With Trace3 by your side, you too will be seeing double – the success!


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