Where Technology Does (and Doesn’t) Belong at a Conference

MAR 05, 2018

by Stephanie Hannah
Director of Strategic Marketing, Trace3

In the constant evolving world of technology, the opportunities for technology-focused conferences like Evolve are enhancing the overall experience of attendees, which are boundless. How do we leverage the potential of the latest developments in this setting while still prioritizing face-to-face time? 

1.  DO provide an Event app. The app should be easy to navigate and contain all the pertinent information needed for attendees:

a)  Agenda – including times, speakers and location
b)  Speakers – with bios and the ability to make notes
c)  Event Sponsors – including website and whitepapers
d)  Maps
e)  Transportation information

2.  DON’T let tech sneak into networking time. As comforting as it is to hide behind a smartphone screen, this standardized social practice can prevent you from making true connections with other professionals at the event. Challenge yourself to talk to x amount of people (depending on how long the social time lasts) before you reach for your phone.

3.  DO incorporate a fun Networking tool that enables attendees to network at an event without worrying about the usual hassles of business cards, scanning badges, checking-in to sessions, and trying to remember everyone you meet.  A small passive wearable device that connects to others via Bluetooth LE, enables attendees to break free of the ‘usual’ event experience.

4.  DON’T force attendees to take notes on their phone or other digital device. Even the most well-meaning note taker can be mistaken for a rude texter when they’re typing away on their cell phone. Be sure to provide notepads and pens for attendees to ensure they can capture great ideas and thoughts from your presenters. It maybe archaic but I provide a nice pen and journal for each guest. We know it is old school, but it will show the speaker that you are interested and giving them your full attention.

5.  DO promote event-related content on social media through gamification that is designed to drive engagement during your event. Attendees will tweet, take photos, and complete challenges to earn points and win prizes. Another great way to foster engagement is sharing a leaderboard on a social wall and prominently highlighting all the content and posts in real-time to help motivate others to contribute to your social media presence.

Trace3 developed the Evolve Conference to empower IT professionals. Evolve is a two-day leadership & technology conference focusing on forward-thinking and cutting-edge IT solutions. The constant state of innovation and changes in the IT world puts an enormous strain on those striving to keep up with the pace. The Evolve Conference connects those seeking the latest technology solutions and how to implement change from the server room to the board room. IT is shaping the corporate landscape more than ever before; and we are here to deliver the tools to succeed.

Since its inception, Evolve has grown each year in size and scope and includes on the final night of the conference the Outlier Award ceremony. Since 2012, the Outlier Award has been awarded to an industry leading technologist who consistently delivers dynamic innovation and outstanding leadership in the field of information technology.  The Evolve conference is packed with thought leadership and innovation from subject matter experts throughout our industry providing the roadmap to help you in your digital transformation journey. Plan to join us at Evolve 2018 May 8-10 at the Mirage Resort in Las Vegas.

Register for Evolve: https://evolvetechconference.com


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