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What to expect at VMworld 2014

JUL 19, 2014

What I’m looking forward to seeing at this years VMworld
By Kevin Martin
VMware Technical Lead, Trace3


Here we are in July already and less than two months away is one of the biggest tech conferences of the year, VMworld – hosted by none other than VMware. I’m excited on many levels to get back to San Francisco for 4 full days of action packed sessions and social networking. The theme of last year’s conference, as you may remember, was focused on beginning your journey to the Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC). I believe the same will hold true for this year’s conference; however, a lot has changed since last year.

What has changed? vCloud Automation Center for one is gaining more traction when it comes to On-Prem cloud as well as the ability to tie into multiple endpoints – vCloud Director (including vCHS), vCenter, OpenStack, etc. But more importantly is the evolution of NSX, formerly known as Nicira. To my welcoming surprise a couple of weeks ago NSX was made publicly available on VMware’s website. Fortunately, Trace3 as an NSX elite partner had the ability to test prior to general availability. With a longer lead time than most, we’ve been able to really start building up various use cases and the technical capabilities to implement a true software defined datacenter. I’m curious to learn what’s in store at VMworld 2014 related to these products?   Will we find more pre-canned defined blueprints incorporating these technologies? How about the integration with F5, Palo Alto Networks, and VMware’s own offerings around virtual desktops, etc.?

Automation is certainly a big component when providing IT as a Service, but to me we need to be consciously aware of the complexity these solutions bring. The more we can automate and the more we provide IT departments with the necessary VMware tools to help facilitate operations in building private and public clouds – the better off we will be. It’s time to hit the community of VMware engineers, developers, etc. and provide a solutions exchange (think vCOPS adapters) that can help with templatizing workflows/blueprints that incorporate vCenter Orchestrator and other tools such as Puppet and Chef. I thought maybe this year’s new theme for the conference would be – “Automate Your Business!” instead of “No Limits.” We of course are all seeing the common theme, “do more with less,” well this is how you get there.

Other interesting topics are the unknowns with respect to the integration of Airwatch (recent VMware acquisition) with Horizon View/Workspace. Currently each is its own separate product and I’m curious to know what the roadmap looks like and how soon we will see these products merge in capabilities. Also, what’s really in store for vSAN? Will we hear more about “Project Mystic/Marvin?” Furthermore, how will vVols play out and will this long awaited for technology’s availability be announced along with other technologies such as multi-vCPU FT support? This year’s conference has so many things to offer on many fronts. So get ready and start booking your sessions now! Hope to see you at the conference!


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