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Trace3 Tech Blog: An Engineers view of Cisco Live 2014

JUN 01, 2014

Cisco Live 2014 has come and gone and the Trace3 team attended in force the 25th annual edition of the network centric related conference.  In my opinion the most important tech conference of the year. And I’ll tell you why. Times are a changing and Cisco is on a roll. You can feel it. From the conference halls, to the breakout sessions, hackathons, labs, even the huge customer appreciation event at ATT Park, people are excited. Excited about the direction Cisco is taking in the market. And leading the way is CEO, John Chambers.

It all started when he walked on stage during his keynote wearing Rayban sunglasses and dancing to jazz music. He certainly got my attention, even way back in the 101st row. With over 25,000 people in attendance it was standing room only. As I sat back and prepared for the next two hours of keynote goodness. I basically expected the same data points. How is Cisco performing as a company, revenue is up, all business divisions are awesome, check out the latest routers and switches, etc. But Chambers clearly had a different agenda.

He is looking forward, he understands software defined everything is here and Cisco is evolving their solutions accordingly. Cisco has developed a roadmap for its clients to start their journey and it starts with the Intercloud. He spoke about the increasing adoption in the enterprise of a combination of private cloud and public cloud services. In order to move with speed, scale, reach and world class economics, CIO’s recognize that ‘hybrid cloud’ strategies must be embraced.

The Cisco Intercloud is built upon Cisco cloud technologies and leverages OpenStack for its open standards-based global infrastructure. Cisco plans on supporting any workload, on any hypervisor and interoperate with any cloud.  And it will be built for the Internet of Everything, (IoE)capable of making billions of connections, and recording billions of events, allowing real-time analytics to help you gain insights from the connections of people, processes, data and things, as they happen.

Then there’s automation and speed of deployment. Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure, (ACI) will optimize application performance and to make rolling out new applications and services much faster in both private and public clouds.  The new Nexus 9000 Series Switches provide a platform for ACI to deliver software flexibility, (SDN) with the scalability of hardware.

Are you still unsure about a software defined network (SDN) strategy? As I walked around the technology hall packed with Cisco partners I realized just how important SDN strategies are going to be in the near future. Don’t take my word for it.  Companies such as Citrix, F5, Microsoft, RedHat, Palo Alto Networks are developing solutions that embrace our SDN future.
This year at Cisco Live, my biggest takeaway is the realization that it’s time to pivot. There is massive change in IT redefining how we build and connect our systems and applications. The architectures I’m deploying today need to be open to adopt standards that allow flexibility in connectivity. Software defined everything is the future and you should be listening closely.
If you are looking for more details, SDN, ACI, IoE, Intercloud, please reach out to your local Trace3 account team and schedule a meeting. We have a lot to talk about.

Jeff Wyant is a Solutions Architect at TRACE3,  you can reach him on twitter @jwyant2000

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