Trace3 is Helping Drive Shack Re-Imagine the Golfing Experience

MAY 21, 2018

You’re up earlier than usual this morning but you’re not heading to the office.  Together with friends you’re headed to the golf course.  You’ve gotten in plenty of practice and your bag is prepped with plenty of golf balls, some tees, a ball marker, a ball retriever, and other necessary items.  Six hours later you’re tired, cranky, and starving as the beer cart managed only one pass during the round.  You were behind the slowest group in history, missed lunch, and endured some unexpected rain.  Not exactly what you were looking forward to this morning.  Unfortunately, the experience is not unique.  And it’s no wonder golf is experiencing less activity than in years past.

The golf business – the number of rounds played and revenue for clubs and other equipment — is searching for innovative ways to grow engagement.  Part of the challenge is the amount of time required for golf is not resonating with millennials.  And as the population’s demographics change, the ability to engage would-be golfers is changing.  A big question is how will the sport expand and companies in the industry respond and evolve?

Enter Drive Shack… an innovative and disruptive addition to the golf landscape.  Drive Shack is an entertainment company that combines golf, competition, dining, and fun.

Drive Shack emerged with a vision.  More than a golf course and more interesting and interactive than a driving range.  They envisioned something both entertaining and immersive.  A one-of-a-kind experience reimaging the traditional concept of a golf course through a blend of industry-leading technology, design, entertainment, and quality service.  Drive Shack tapped Trace3 to engage engineering resources and talent.  They chose a technology partner willing to invest time and resources to help bridge the gap between innovation and execution.  Strategically Drive Shack needed a technology partner to help design, procure, and implement new infrastructures to power their vision.  

Trace3’s E3 Methodology is our unifying foundation and the basis of how we develop customized solutions for our customers.  As a team of elite engineers, we saw a clear opportunity to do something truly transformative.  Collaborating with Drive Shack and across our engineering disciplines, we could successfully bring in the different teams and experts to help design and deploy the technology stack supporting Drive Shack.  While the project management team helped manage various vendors and overall kept the engagement in-scope with milestones, deadlines, testing, etc.  It’s the E3 Methodology that ensured the project’s ultimate success.

Welcome to Drive Shack’s virtual reality golfing experience.  The first truly virtual reality facility using cameras in the drive bay to capture and record each of your golf shots.  The flagship facility in Orlando, Florida is comprised of 60,000-square feet with 90 hitting bays, a 220-yard range, complimentary Taylor Made golf clubs, a complete restaurant and bar, and event space for more than 150 guests.

At your leisure, you can choose a golf course to challenge your ability or select from a variety of “target” oriented games in the Drive Shack app to hone your distance control and accuracy.  TV monitors share all the action with you and your friends and provides instant feedback on every swing.  Step up, play your shot and put the pressure on the other members of your group.  In-between swings, enjoy the ball game on the TVs or take a moment to order food & drinks for delivery to your drive bay from the Drive Shack app.  Technology can and will change and improve things… Get ready for a new way to enjoy a game that tracks its roots back to Scotland in 1457.


Tim Benner

// VP of Architecture and Strategy | East

Tim has been in the Industry for over 26 years with both design and hands on infrastructure and security experience. He has been responsible for the overall architecture and implementation of infrastructure and security for Global Data Centers, Cloud infrastructure like Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure for many Fortune 100 companies. He has held many titles in his past to include CIO, CISO, Global architect, and Principal Architect for large enterprises.

Tim has held or holds some of the industry’s best certs, to include Cisco, Palo Alto, F5, Riverbed, Juniper, A10, Microsoft, and RedHat. He has provided technical input and editing in various vendor publications for Cisco, F5, and Microsoft. He has developed and written core materials for Cisco and Microsoft’s top products. He has worked on white papers and presented on these at major vendor meetings.

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