Trace3 Honors San Francisco Giants CIO for Pioneering Game-Changing Technology

MAR 08, 2016

The Outlier Award, presented by Trace3 at the Evolve Conference, was awarded to Bill Schlough, Senior Vice President and CIO of the San Francisco Giants. Schlough was honored with this prestigious award because of his determination to provide business enablement, to apply transformative technology, and to establish a culture of innovation. His inspired leadership has resulted in HD screens at AT&T Park, Wi-Fi connectivity around the venue, and an increased fan experience that has positively impacted revenue.

Schlough put a strong focus on enhancing the ballpark experience, so he surveyed fans to help determine what the most important initiatives should be. When fans revealed that a bring-your-own-device experience was the preference, Schlough designed an optimized infrastructure with relevant technology to help maximize and connect the devices being brought into AT&T Park.

In addition to maximizing connectivity, Schlough also aims to achieve 10 strategic objectives every year. He works closely with different business groups in order to understand what the needs of the San Francisco Giants are. Then, by leveraging transformative technologies, he is able to use IT to solve the challenges that are occurring across the organization. This proactive and innovative practice is at the core of the Outlier Award.

Of the Outlier Award, Schlough says, “Being named the Trace3 2016 Outlier of the Year is a tremendous honor. I have the utmost respect for the accomplished IT leaders who have preceded me in recent years—specifically Tony Coba at the Miami Heat, Chris Laping at Red Robin and Frank Palase at DirecTV. It was a privilege to get to know my fellow finalists in this year’s class. It’s naturally a reflection on both the leader and the team that person has assembled.”

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