Trace3 Featured in 451 Research Impact Report

AUG 06, 2014

451 Research, a preeminent information technology and advisory organization, wrote a technology impact report on Trace3. It highlights the need for technology partners who offer innovative solutions to business challenges, and it focuses on the innovation services Trace3 provides to our customers.

The report emphasizes the VC Briefings that we offer to organizations looking for new, agile, and problem-solving technologies. It explains our process, which includes identifying, vetting, and then selecting start-up technologies relevant to the CIOs and CTOs of participating companies. The report also includes a quotation from Chris Laping, the CIO of Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, who relates that, “the VC-CIO briefings introduced him to big VC firms that understood his company’s strategic imperatives so that relevant meetings could be set up.”

A little later in the report, 451 Research also points out that, “the Trace3 approach to innovation is a perfect ecosystem play,” which is directly connected to the relationships we help create between CIOs, VCs, and technology startups. These relationships are further fueled by the early mover advantage the VC Briefings grants to Trace3. It is through this advantage that we are able to deepen the associations and trust with our customers.

The report also discusses organizational health, which is a service that leverages a tight partnership between The Table Group in Silicon Valley and Trace3. This offering allows organizations to receive goal-oriented training for their individual teams. Keith Morrow, the CIO of Epsilon, recounts that, “he took a two-day off-site session with The Table Group to reorient and realign the team around their big-data objectives. Trace3 facilitated the session, tabled the agenda and put the process together. Following on from the session, he has a weekly tactical group meeting that follows The Table Group’s format and checks against goals.”

To read the full report, click here.

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