Trace3 Big Data Team lands in San Jose for Hadoop Summit

JUN 02, 2014

Trace3 is eager for the start of the 7th annual Hadoop Summit this week in San Jose, California.  As a pioneer in business transformation solutions, we are a firm believer in the power of data.  And the value potential available to businesses that most successfully cultivate strategic business decisions based on the “available” data.  We’ve witnessed and continue to observe the tremendous velocity at which the Big Data space is evolving.  We see the many new companies entering the space as well as the established businesses pivoting to gain market-share and assert their dominance in the segment.  Like the California Gold Rush that started in 1848, Big Data has attracted plenty of interested parties creating a crowded and convoluted ecosystem.  We are confident that in the next few years the space will continue to grow, shift, and evolve.  And like the gold rush – we will all see our share of winners and losers in the space.

For these reasons and more, Trace3 is excited to be a partner at the 2014 Hadoop Summit.  Our Big Data Intelligence team of experts will be on hand during the Community Showcase to discuss the cutting-edge technology and resulting innovative solutions that may help your business further develop your Big Data initiatives and strategy.  Please plan to stop by and chat with our experts certified in the different Hadoop distributions, Isilon Storage, as well as other technology and learn how we have helped a number of enterprises similar to your

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