Top 5 Apps CIOs Can’t Live Without

NOV 06, 2017

The role of the Chief Information Officer has changed almost as rapidly as the technology that they operate. While they used to be focused on maintaining computer hardware, CIOs have now transferred that power to the user and instead concentrate on cybersecurity strategy. The role has again become more complicated with the shift to Detection and Response security strategies, which require continuous monitoring and updating of security systems. The best CIOs situate their information to be accessible at any moment, because who knows when the next update, or problem, may arise? Here are our top five app recommendations for CIOs:

  1. GSuite by Google Cloud. This one is simply a no-brainer. Free for individuals (and very reasonable for companies), the Suite of tools offered by Google includes Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more. Working entirely online through the Cloud, a team of individuals working on entirely different devices can collaborate on the same document and export it to the file type of choice, whether that be Word or Pages for Docs, Excel or Numbers for Sheets, or Powerpoint or Keynote for Slides. Everyone on the team can stick to the operating system of preference and still collaborate effectively – a win-win for the CIO.
  2. Popplet. Let your creative side take flight with the Popplet app, which visualizes brainstorming sessions by mind mapping. Ideas are information, too, which puts them under the domain of the CIO. Help your team plan their ideas by providing them with an easy-to-navigate tool that makes discussions tangible and ideas a reality.
  3. CamScanner. As one of the highest-ranked executives in the organization, CIOs are constantly being bombarded with paper documents. This app makes it easy to take them on-the-go and organize them with digital files. Use your phone or tablet camera to scan a document and turn it into the file type of choice.
  4. Fing. Every CIO should be monitoring their network consistently. With Fing, this is possible right from your device. Just login to view in real-time who is using your network and if the network is running very effectively. Additionally, you can detect (and then respond!) to possible threats and troubleshoot problems as soon as they arise.
  5. Basic communication apps. Phone, FaceTime, messages, or email -whatever your communication style, you can always get a hold of Trace3. Keep your communication apps at the easiest accessible point on your device – after all, isn’t calling the purpose of the phone? With Trace3, CIOs can go beyond their favorite apps into the finest in cybersecurity. Call us today because we know we’ll make a great team.

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