Three Ways to Leverage the Expansion of IOT

OCT 30, 2018

For such a complex and multifaceted spectrum of technologies, “Internet of things” is truly an underwhelming term for an overwhelming trend. What exactly is it? At its most basic level, the Internet of Things (or IoT) is the idea of the Internet connecting devices that are switched on. Think: cell phones, smart TVs, and wireless headphones. Now think bigger: smart homes, sensing stop lights, and interconnected city grids. This ambitious, futuristic potential may seem irrelevant to your organization, but it relies on the same Cloud technology that is critical to the continuation of IT development in most departments.

Tell me what you want! Even though it’s difficult to determine desired outcomes from a rapidly evolving technology, we suggest starting your project with education. Ensure that everyone on the team is on the same page when it comes to their understanding of the IoT and its potential for your company. A quick way to determine this is asking, “can we afford that?” In this case, “afford” is not necessarily financial, but rather pointing to the affordances of IoT technology. If there are segments of your operation that can be enhanced with IoT, then incorporate it into your quarterly plan with clear goals.

Stay current. Perhaps the most notable factor of IoT implementation is its accelerating expansion. As all CIOs know, few implementations are one-and-done, and IoT is no different. It’s critical that IT departments frequently read trend reports and stay updated on how IoT is being used elsewhere. Our own Trace3 blog is a great resource to stay updated on this and other developments in the tech world, so we encourage you to keep coming back!

Big data, little security. IoT’s biggest weak spot? Security. The use of the Cloud to store the big data of multiple devices and sensors (and their connections to each other) leaves lots of opportunities for cyber criminals to attack. Just one data breach can cost your company months of development, not to mention all the time spent solving the issue. Thus, it is imperative to implement a security strategy right from the start. Consider authentication, encryption, PKI, and API solutions.

We all know there’s no “I” in “team,” but maybe IoT can find a spot. The #1 way to navigate the world of IoT is to work with a team of experts. With our professional consulting teams, Trace3 can provide objective feedback, unique ideas, and helpful support when implementing innovative and emerging technology. We are proud of our proven track record of excellence and innovation in the IT community and believe all possibilities lie in technology. As the premiere provider of IT solutions, we can help you leverage the potential of the IoT, a true investment in the grand scheme of the Internet of Things.

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