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The Value of Data in Motion

JUN 03, 2014

Since working in Big Data, one of the most prevalent use cases we have seen for the use of it’s technologies is gaining value from Machine Generated data. Machine Generated data is going to be the main driver for the “Internet of Things” or “IoT”.

Utility companies are in a vertical that is already seeing a real need for Big Data solutions to handle their IoT needs as they extend their use of Smart Meters. But, most of the Big Data uses cases for utility companies speak about the advantages of being able to store Smart Meter data in a flexible fashion and running deep analytics on that data to gain insights into customer usage to help save money. The use cases are based on data at rest batch applications taking action on data that has lost most of its value due to its relevance being diminished as it is already stale. There is much more value in the data if something can be done with it before it’s sitting at rest.

What if you were able to take action on that Smart Meter data while it was still in motion? Not having to wait the minutes, hours, or even days in some cases to get value from that data.

Building an architecture based on DataTorrent RTS gives you the ability to:

  • Run deep analytics on data while it’s still in motion
  • Monitor, alert, and take action on data as it’s streaming
  • Change business logic on the fly on a running system with no downtime
  • Integrate into existing visualization, reporting analytical tools, and applications

While there are other technologies on the market that talk about being able to do real-time stream processing, they are missing some core areas that make them truly enterprise solutions.

  • Lack ability to scale: The volume and complexity of data is only going to grow. While current real-time streaming solutions may be able to handle today’s workloads, they have architectural issues that limit their ability to scale in production. They won’t be able scale outside of the thousands of data events per second that you may be doing now. Today’s solutions aren’t future proof and able to grow with ever increasing demands.
  • Not a truly fault-tolerant and highly available platform: The solutions out there claim to be fault-tolerant and highly available, that is true, but only from an architectural perspective. The problem is, the developer is responsible to build in logic to their applications to recover from issues that arise. Think of it like this; your home builder builds you a rock solid house that is guaranteed not to fall over during an earthquake, which is great. The only issue is that every time you need to use the bathroom or turn on a light switch, you have to run the pipes or wires yourself to make it work.

This is why we at Trace3 have partnered with DataTorrent as it’s a best of breed solution that; allows your business to grow without having to worry if the platform can meet your future data demands and gives your developers the ability to be able to focus on what’s important, your business.


— About the Author —

Joe Rossi

With a deep commitment to help organizations understand the use of data and technology, Mr. Rossi’s extensive experience in the field of Big Data allows companies to gain new insights into their business. Joe holds multiple certifications centered on Big Data and works with global and national Big Data customers.

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