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The All Flash Data Center- A Webinar

JUN 25, 2014


As far as the data center goes, storage technology has seen significant innovations in the last several years. For years, tape data storage was the optimal system for storing information and backing up an organization’s environment. This solution was replaced with spinning disks, which decreased cost and increased performance.

Now it seems that the cycle will repeat itself, with flash storage replacing spinning disks for those very same reasons spinning disks replaced tape storage as the medium of choice. For organizations looking to implement and optimize an all-flash data center, a software-defined storage approach is worth consideration as a way to maximize and sustain the level of performance that all-flash can provide.

 Listen in on this on-demand webinar recording:

The Time is Now…. The All Flash Data Center

Join Trace3, an industry leading Business Transformation Partner, as we discuss and demonstrate the benefits of the Trace3 All Flash Data Center running software-defined storage technology and why the time to act is now! During this webinar, Trace3 will show a live demo featuring the latest flash technology.

 Benefits Include:

  • Performance Gains – Improvements in performance are gained thanks to the ability to use the faster flash technology throughout the data center.
  • Lower power consumption – SSDs reduce running costs, generating far less heat than a spinning disk and requiring less energy for cooling.
  •  Increased Capacity – More applications can be run on the same hardware, due to hardware performance gains.
  • Energy Efficient – SSDs deliver a smaller footprint in the data center. Since SSDs are much smaller than spinning disks, they require less space to house.


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