Thanksgiving & Beyond: Black Friday, e-Commerce, and the Growth of Online Purchases

NOV 18, 2017

For those of us in the United States, Thanksgiving is fast-approaching, and the following day, Black Friday, is almost as cherished. So much so, in fact, that many Americans consider it to be another holiday of sorts. Black Friday has a fascinating history rooted in social, cultural, and economic global changes, but its evolution is far from over. With the introduction of e-commerce into the consumer market, Black Friday and holiday shopping have taken new foundations in the digital landscape, placing businesses that lead the market in an opportunistic crux of time in retail. Here are four things to look out for this Black Friday:

  1. Growth of online purchases. With piling social obligations and school or work wrapping up, it just makes sense for many consumers to turn to e-Commerce to complete their holiday shopping. And stores make it so easy. They offer customers goodies like free shipping, easy returns, gift wrapping, and personalized notes. You can send presents to all of your family members right from your phone while on-the-go if you so please! However, don’t write off the importance of brick & mortar just yet, as many consumers still enjoy the in-person experience.
  2. New trends. “Cyber Monday” is making a name for itself in its own right. A new term picked up by retailers in the past few years, Cyber Monday is Black Friday’s digital counterpart, dedicated exclusively to online shopping. The day of deals is so popular, in fact, that it topped sales in 2016! Keep a look out for adaptations like these as stores transition from being solely brick & mortar to a combination of in-store and online, or even take the plunge into being exclusively on the web.
  3. Pickier consumers. Because Black Friday shoppers consistently gain media attention for their aggressiveness, you would think that retailers would be in heaven during this time of year! However, trends against violent commercialism are taking hold of the younger demographics, who appreciate minimalism and fewer, but quality items. Within the next 10 years, the product content and marketing strategy of stores may change drastically to appeal to these shoppers.
  4. Increased security. Just as hectic Black Friday sales in brick & mortar stores call for more security personnel, online retailers also must plan for potential security issues as their websites and those of their competitors experience increased traffic and threats. In 2017 and in the future, e-Commerce is becoming a winner-take-all industry. Those without solid security measures are the first to go. The best retailers partner with Trace3 to navigate the twists and turns of e-Commerce like a pro. With Trace3, retailers can rest assured that their websites are secure so that they can focus on developing the best products sure to WOW this holiday season.

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