Technologies You Can’t Ignore in 2018

DEC 25, 2017

New Year, New Tech, New You? It’s looking like this will absolutely be the case. A new year means a herd of new technologies hitting both the consumer and business markets. Whilst CIOs should always be keeping an eye out for new hardware, software, and industry trends, the beginning of a new quarter is a particularly important time to be up-to-date on what’s going on outside of your own organization. New developments have the potential to change your role and business practices. You’ll want to know about them before they hit in full force (along with their costs!). Here are Trace3’s top picks for 2018 winners:

  1. Artificial Intelligence will continue to be a rising star. According to Gartner’s Top Strategic Predictions for 2018 and Beyond, AI technology will integrate into existing consumer products more as consumers come to expect visual and voice search (Prediction 1). Even if your organization does not deal directly with AI technology built for consumers, like a B2B organization, it is important to note that businesses are made up of people, too, and people are favoring AI technology in the products that they use every day. And if you do work with AI, or feel threatened by it, not to worry! Gartner’s 8th prediction should put you at ease: AI will create more jobs than it replaces.
  2. WiFi will get a major upgrade. A survey by Computer Weekly predicted that there will soon be one WiFi hotspot for every 20 or so individuals. This could mean a drop-in consumer data roaming plans and rise in localized WiFi subscriptions. CIOs should keep this in mind when designing tools that employees will use on-the-go.
  3. Big companies will compete in Cloud technology. We know that the Cloud is growing, as do industry giants. They will begin integrating the Cloud into their existing services and products, and create new platforms housed entirely in the Cloud. This will ultimately make a difference in the delivery to organizations and consumers.
  4. Companies will take an active approach to security. Detection & Response methods are growing in popularity and require CIOs and cyber-security teams to always be “on.” It’s much harder work, but much more effective: Detection & Response is the only way to prevent major security issues by catching and nipping any potential attacks very early.
  5. The Leader Behind It All – What is most important to watch in the 2018 tech world is not anything electronic. Rather, it is the CIO, whose role is rapidly evolving and of increasing importance. CIOs must always be learning, always be communicating, and always be “plugged in.” Partner with Trace3 to have the best year yet.

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