Taking Business Conversations Outdoors

MAR 19, 2015

At Trace3, we take being a leader in business innovation seriously. Every day we use technology to solve real business problems, and our teams of experts are focused on one thing- our clients. As we’ve worked to increase this focus, we’ve noticed two interesting things about people. The first is everyone wants to feel like they’re part of a team. The second is that more and more people are talking about business while on bike rides and runs- not just in restaurants, bars, or the office. As a company who is well versed in adaption and innovation, Trace3 recognizes this intersection as a great opportunity. With the help of our own competitive athletes, we are taking business conversations to the trails in order to better serve our customers.

Trace3 is committed to health and wellness, so taking business conversations to the fitness arena is a natural step for our organization. We engage with employees, vendors, and clients who are active, and one of the ways we help support a healthy lifestyle is through the launch of the Trace3 cycling club team. Specialized, an elite biking company, has also backed the team, and offers all members (whether a Trace3 employee, partner, customer, etc.) ambassador level service and training – including bike configurations. With dedicated sponsors, Scott Hannah of Redline Studios has compiled a group of athletes that are fast, competitive, and like to have fun. In addition to being a competitive cyclist himself, Scott works with competitive athletes who truly enjoy the sport. From finishing on the podium to going to get drinks after the races, the casual club setting creates the perfect atmosphere for people to have fun and join their healthy lifestyles with business conversations.

Trace3’s involvement with competitive sports doesn’t end with Over the Hump. As a supporter of competitive sports and a healthy lifestyle, Trace3 has long championed athletes in their individual events. Whether it’s a financial sponsorship, apparel, or the time to train and compete, we support our people as they train and excel physically. Two Trace3 employees specifically have taken competitive sports to the next level.

Mike Russell, a director of inside sales here at Trace3, competes in road bike races. He participates in road cycling for the physical and mental challenge, and trains 6 days a week in an average of 10-15 hours per week on the bike. Even more than the demands of personal fitness, drafting, aerodynamics, road conditions, he enjoy the community of passionate cyclists who experience the race together. Russell is a seasoned competitor with a state championship, individual race wins, and criterions in both sprints and longer attacks. He attributes his success to a love of the sport, great mentors, and the support of his awesome wife. Trace3 has been fortunate to support Mike Russell as he works towards his competitive cycling goals. Through the sponsorship of his cycling team, TRU Cycling, and by providing our employees a healthy workplace with an emphasis on a healthy work/life balance, Trace3 prides itself on being able to support our employees in their passions. We look forward to his next race here in Southern California.

John Ansett, a solutions architect here at Trace3, is another of our competitive athletes. He is a competitive long distance runner, and enjoys the competition of

shorter races and the camaraderie of the longer ones. Along with 5k/10k races and triathlons, Ansett runs major marathons. He recently qualified for the Boston Marathon at the New York City Marathon with a 3:04:20 finishing time. He has also finished in the finals in various 5k races and triathlons, including winning the running leg of the Newport Beach Triathlon. Ansett trains with a combination of training methods that include long road runs, gradually increasing and then tapering runs as a marathon approaches, hill work, and interval training. As an organization, Trace3 has had the privilege of sponsoring John Ansett as he trains for his next competitive long distance race. With apparel, an employee Ragnar team running a race , and weekly Yoga and Pilates, we are excited to support him as he approaches the London Marathon on April 26. — Update: Trace3 is leading a Charity Drive for The Organization for Autism Research on behalf of John as he approaches the Marathon.  Please send a private or public tweet @Trace3 if you’d like to donate. We have a modest goal of $3,500

A healthy lifestyle, a solid work/life balance, and the ability to use competitive sports and healthy outlets to have conversations with our clients and partners is an initiative we here at Trace3 embrace. Our organization consistently stays ahead of the trends, and we are versatile in the ways we communicate with the technology community. By approaching business in a way that aligns the lifestyles of people we work with, Trace3 is able to put a real emphasis on relationships, which is the most important thing and the foundation to doing good business and supporting our most valuable resources- our people.

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