Security Trend Alert: The Shift to Detection & Response

OCT 09, 2017

Admit it, you’re not sure what you think about Apple’s new Face ID feature. Is it a gateway to a real “Big Brother,” or just the natural next step in personal device security? The feature comes in succession to Apple’s fingerprint-scanning feature, Touch ID, which was released on the iPhone 5S model. Both updates spawned significant debate on the actual effectiveness of such security measures over more traditional passcode locks, as well as their potential to be misused and invade users’ privacy.

While all the mainstream buzz tends to stop there, Trace3 knows that FaceID is just one example of the shift to new Detection and Response security measures. The Detection and Response tactic upgrades typical Preventive practices by remaining active throughout the user’s time on the interface, whether they are on or offline. Detection and Response is designed to protect greater amounts of data amidst a saturated digital landscape.

The Need

The ultimate goal of data security measures is to guard three critical components of information: confidentiality, integrity, and availability. These attributes are critically important to any user, whether an individual or an entire organization, and should be especially cared for by businesses, who risk exposing their own and their clients’ information in the event of a leak. They become increasingly difficult to protect when the web and its platforms are constantly evolving, leaving the need for a more complex security plan than standard preventative measures.

The Solution

Detection and Response encompasses the broad strategy of continuous monitoring and analysis for potential threats. The Preventive strategy takes to install a pre-made structure and call it a day, perhaps occasionally updating the system to account for developing widespread threats. This IT practice was created for a much simpler computer that faced far fewer threats, and is simply outdated and ineffective for today’s technology. Leaks, viruses, and other issues can come from any corner of the world at any moment, and the integration of Cloud services only makes them all the more likely. 21st-century tools call for contemporary solutions, which can only come in the form of Detection and Response.

The Trend

Gartner, a top tech research organization, called Detection and Response methods the top security priority of 2017, and companies everywhere are taking note. In fact, the trend is predicted to grow 25.7% over the next decade. It’s already represented in 23 countries, including the United States, China, and Brazil.

Go Beyond Tools

Detection & Response strategies rely on consistent support from a skilled team. Here at Trace3, we implement the latest security measures for our clients and never back down from the brutal reality of cybercrime. Your organization deserves the best in protection, so connect with the Premier Transformative IT Authority today.

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