Security Spring-Cleaning: Assess & Evaluate for Security Success – Part I

MAR 25, 2019

Despite nationwide snowstorms, blizzards and wind-chill alerts, spring has sprung.  We’ve changed our clocks, outlined our March Madness brackets and are gearing up for our annual spring cleaning. For many, that process involves washing windows, clearing out closets and de-cluttering cabinets.  But for Trace3’s IT security experts, it means helping our clients achieve the best in their corporate IT security programs with a ‘security spring-cleaning.’

Spring offers the perfect opportunity to refresh cybersecurity practices and bolster security efforts with more effective additions. It’s an opportunity to take a step back to assess what’s working, what’s not and invest in the tools needed to ensure long-term security success.

Security Strategy

The ideal security program will have the proper strategy to outline how the security program will protect and share information.  It will define how it will counter new and evolving threats.  And it will also demonstrate how it will support the integration of cybersecurity as a best practice for everyday business operations.  From policies and procedures to standards and enforcement, the security strategy foundation is what effective programs are built upon. If your strategy falls short, then it’s time to assess and improve your security program.  Establish benchmarks, measure efficacy and evaluate emerging technology and tools to empower your organization to stay ahead of the security curve and avoid costly deficiencies.

Data Security

Attacks on web applications are a primary approach to data breaches so any spring-cleaning effort needs to assess your data security and endpoint protection.   Are you securing your applications in containers? Do you have an automated process to check applications every step of the way to scan for vulnerabilities? Improve technologies as well as internal policies, protocols, and organizational structures to confidently protect your data, websites, applications, and web services properties from internal and external threats.

Endpoint Protection

Your company has powerful firewalls and solid monitoring systems for networks and datacenters. But are you doing enough to ensure your endpoint security?  Do you know what is running (or not running) on your end user systems?  With the right controls, you can implement automated solutions ensuring that every endpoint on the network is compliant with established security policies.  True endpoint protection will include a view of which systems are missing critical patches, which users are running risky, unapproved applications or whether people are turning off anti-virus.  Trace3 experts can help you implement purpose-built solutions to protect devices and data from threats to privacy and the risk of unauthorized access to proprietary and confidential information.

The best security strategies help identify and address risks early, deploy your IT resources efficiently, and protect your environment and data prudently. To do that, you need to rely on consistent support from a skilled team. Here at Trace3, we implement the latest security measures for our clients and never back down from the brutal reality of cybercrime. As your trusted advisor, we use the industry’s most forward-thinking solutions to revitalize your cyber-security program and operate from a platform that enables you to take the risks you need to profit and grow.

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Coming soon: Part II of our Security Spring-Cleaning Best Practices – Network Architecture/ Security Operations / Offensive Security

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