Our Take on Forbes 2018 Predictions

FEB 20, 2018

On November 9th, 2017, Forbes writer Gil Press released an article containing 10 predictions for Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Analytics in 2018. A few months later, we at Trace3 reflect on these with an update on 5 topics presented as well as our own commentary:

  1. 25% of enterprises will supplement point-and-click analytics with conversational interfaces. Point-and-click data is great for early stage analytics and getting a baseline of your strategy’s effectiveness. However, the real value (and information required to implement helpful change) comes from interpretation of the average user’s actions in the conversation funnel. Conversational interfaces allow for a more personal and “human” user experience through chatboxes and voice assistants (think: Siri, Slack chatbots). We think that this a great move for some companies, but doubt that many more will make the switch within such a short amount of time.
  2. 20% of enterprise will deploy AI to make decisions and provide real-time instructions. We have written on AI and its impact on all development of future tech. Specifically, we strongly recommended a clean and integrated data approach to adapting Artificial Intelligence solutions. It comes down to an investment of time: more “training” and supervision of the technology upon implementation will lead to a lot of time saved in the future. We have warned, however, that it may not live up to the hype. AI shows a lot of potential, but proceed with reasonable expectations.
  3. 50% of enterprises will adopt a cloud-first strategy for big data analytics. Everyone is talking about the Cloud, and we at Trace3 are no different. Most of your individual employees are already storing some of their work-related data on the Cloud. Think: Google Drive, Apple iCloud, etc. Thus, many organizations will find that adapting the Cloud solution takes less transition than anticipated. Big data analytics require systems outside of the Cloud storage solution, some of which have not yet released a Cloud-friendly model. While we absolutely believe that the Cloud will take over data storage eventually, 50% might be too big a number for just 2018.
  4. 66% of enterprises will deploy insight centers of excellence as a remedy for organizational misalignments. Have you ever had someone proofread a cover letter before sending it off with a job application? What about run a presentation by a trusted colleague before the big day? If so, you’re following the classic career advice to get a second opinion. You can think of insight centers’ services as a cross between a second opinion and a translation. We would love more background on the creation of the 66% number, but we do agree on the benefits and increasing popularity of insight centers of excellence.
  5. The majority of Chief Data Officers (CDOs) will move from defense to offense. Detection & Response strategy, CIOs and CDOs are upping their game in response to more sophisticated and organized attacks. Tune into our blog for more on this developing topic.


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