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New Trends and Observations from Trace3 while at the Hadoop Summit

JUN 11, 2014

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New Trends and Observations from Trace3 while at the Hadoop Summit

By Carey Moretti: Big Data Practice Architect at Trace3

If something is happening in the big data community, then you know Trace3 is involved in a big way.  We were there in full force at Hadoop Summit 2014 in San Jose last week.  With over 65 sponsors and exhibitors, this conference brought in almost 3,000 Hadoop enthusiasts that represented over 1100 companies.  Trace3 was there to meet, greet, and network with them all.

Trace3 had a ton of partner support at the event.  Our booth with Isilon had a significant amount of traffic even though we were out in left field (not a bad place to be when the happy hour bar was right next to us).  DataTorrent, MapR, Cloudera, Platfora, Altiscale, Protegrity, Syncsort, Hortonworks, and many others were recurring Trace3 visitors. They were eager to meet with our Engineers and Architects: it was amazing to know how much industry support the Trace3 partnerships have.

Being one of the only implementation/services vendors at the summit put us in the big data spotlight.  The manufacturers took notice, as did key customers.  How great does it feel to know we are a player in a very bleeding edge, innovative technology space?  It’s pretty awesome.

Beyond the excitement in the exhibit hall, the real meat was in the big data education sessions.  The six presentation tracks ranged from ‘Data Science’ to ‘Driving the Business’ to ‘The Future of Hadoop.’ They spanned strategic to tactical, with varying levels of detail.  If you have a technology or solution you were interested in, there was a session for that.  Have a data-driven business problem to solve?  There was a session for that, too.  But the biggest takeaway for me was how many companies are already moving their structured and enterprise data warehouse information to Hadoop.  There were a lot, and they were willing to get up on stage and talk about their successes.  We are now beyond the ‘Hadoop is only for unstructured or semi-structured data’ phase.  For me, this bridging of big data and BI is where the fun really begins.

The expanding use of Hadoop in the enterprise has led to concern around data access and security.  There was plenty of discussion on these topics in the education sessions, and a significant number of our booth visitors wanted to understand how Trace3 addresses security challenges.  This was a great opportunity for us to illustrate the value of Trace3’s end-to-end, vendor agnostic approach to big data solution design and development.

The Summit made it very clear that the big data industry is big and only going to get bigger.  If you happen to be new to the practice and unsure of all this ‘big data’ chatter, I can reassure you that big data is very real.  It is maturing at a rapid pace, and Hadoop is here to stay.  If you are a seasoned big data veteran, the Summit probably renewed your awareness of the alarming rate at which big data technologies are changing and evolving.  The very thought of keeping up with it all can make your head spin.

Fortunately, the big data industry has innovation providers like Trace3, who partner with leading technologies to navigate through the choppy data lake (development) waters.

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