Monitoring what matters most: application performance

APR 28, 2014




However you’re delivering your applications—on premise, cloud, or hybrid—the user experience is still the most important consideration. If application performance is poor, productivity and morale are compromised. In addition, management often uses application performance as a barometer to judge the overall effectiveness of the IT department. If business-critical applications are consistently slow, it might indirectly cost you your job.

If you’re using NetApp storage, there’s an elegant way to mitigate this risk and correlate application performance across databases and storage. It’s called AppDynamics—a performance management solution designed to complement NetApp storage that’s easy to deploy, use, and maintain.

With AppDynamics, you don’t have to spend a lot of valuable IT staff time diagnosing performance problems. With real-time monitoring of relational databases and NetApp controller latency, AppDynamics makes it easy to find the root cause of application slowdowns. It also helps streamline storage sizing and capacity planning by correlating database and storage metrics into a single, consolidated view.

Join AppDynamics and Trace3 for an in-depth look at this new technology and how it is empowering the software-defined data center.

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