Looking forward to VMworld 2015

AUG 20, 2015

So it’s that time of year again, when the masses from around the country gather together in San Francisco for one of the most exciting tech conferences – VMware’s own VMworld. I’d be lying to you if I said I wasn’t stoked to understand what VMware has to offer this year as well as share ideas and network with colleagues I haven’t seen in quite some time. So with that said, what am I expecting at this year’s conference you ask? Well that’s a loaded question for sure, but I’ll try to sum it up for you the best I can.

Let’s start with EUC (End-User Computing) since that’s my sweet spot. We’ve seen Horizon View mature over the past few years. Complimentary products such as AppVolumes (formerly CloudVolumes – acquisition from last year, right before Vmworld 2014) RDSH (Windows Remote Session Desktop Host), and the latest acquisition of Immidio with the product now called UEM (User Environment Manager) have made VMware’s EUC story very successful. So what is missing? Well I’d like to hear more about how these products will better integrate with each other. How does AppVolumes seamlessly integrate with Workspace? Why can’t we integrate AppStacks with Workspace like we can with ThinApp, View Pools, hell even Citrix!? I’m talking pure integration, not through View Sync. I’m talking direct communication from AppStacks to Workspace. Wouldn’t that be neat? I also want to hear about more about what’s to come with the acquisition of AirWatch! Lets see better integration with Secure Content Locker, Mobile Integration, and Identity Management. We need a better SSO solution that is simple and transparent to end-users. And wouldn’t it be nice if it were to work with other VMware products? Who thinks SSO is a pain today – hint hint?

From a cloud perspective I’d really like to understand how vCloud Air is going to step up to the plate. Let’s start with a simple solution. How about a backup solution? Wouldn’t it be nice to backup your on-prem environment (long term retention) straight to vCloud Air? It would be great if their was an offering that incorporated this strategy from a pricing perspective, as well as just take advantage of a dumping ground at a cheap-o price. Hmmm – if only there were a solution like that today… but it would be so nice if VMware followed their slogan – consistent environments, seamless migration and replication, it’s what you already know! I’m also suspecting tighter integration around the vRealize Automation Stack. We need something tighter; to me it’s just too scrambled. I think VMware knows this and they are working diligently in tightening of bolts, polishing of chrome, etc. I believe we will hear some more around how we define orchestration workflows – I think it will get simpler. I mean how often have you heard – “we just want to start with the basics – create a VM, join to AD/DNS, retire after X date, and maybe throw in a few approval policies on top of that, or define what tier of storage the application is deployed to.” Now go do this today in less than an hour… I think this story gets better and I’m excited to see what’s to come. Lastly, what will we expect from a SaaS based offering from VMware. We heard some buzz around this during VMworld Barcelona last year – I’m actually testing some Beta product now, so I’m actually really excited to see this grow from a portfolio perspective and I believe the team that is running this division has some great ideas!

Lastly, it’s always fun to walk the expo floor and see new/startup companies innovate and find new ways of thinking around application deployment, management, backup, etc. The likes of Docker, CloudPhysics, Rubrik, Metacloud etc. What will we find in the area of DevOps, Policy Governance – integration with Chef and Puppet without having to script and find expertise that is like finding a needle in a haystack. As they always do, I think VMworld will not disappoint. So with that, I look forward to VMworld and hope to sync up with many of you throughout the week. Make it a great conference and try not to party too much 🙂

Kevin Martin
Virtualization Solution Architect

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