Journey to the Cloud with Vipr

JUN 15, 2015

Let’s be real- most organizations have lots of different storage platforms in their infrastructures. And with good reason- different vendors and different systems give you a wide variety of services and monitoring tools. When you add cloud computing and storage into the mix, though, it gets even more disparate. And what happens when you have to manage these different platforms? The short answer is, there hasn’t historically been a good way to do it.

In fact, the slow response time to storage requests and the manual management of storage assets can actually drive users to implement use their own technologies, which can leave your company at risk for failed audits and crippling viruses and/or data leaks introduced by insecure cloud environments.

This is where Trace3 and EMC come in. By leveraging our technology teams and EMC’s ViPR Controller, provisioning tasks and centralizing and automating the management of your storage in the cloud can be a reality for your company. You can maximize your storage environments without worrying about shadow IT and manual management of your storage platforms.

Join Trace3 and our partner EMC for a brief, 30 minute webinar as we discuss:

  • How working with Trace3 and EMC can solve your storage management problems
  • An up close look at the ViPR Controller
  • How ViPR Controller can enable your IT Provisioning tasks
  • Centralizing and automating storage management
  • A close look at key component for Storage as a service
  • ViPR Controller Demo

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