Innovating with Trace3 and DataTorrent

JUN 09, 2014

Big Data innovation is an important initiative here at Trace3. It’s a critical focus for the companies we work with, and it’s a defining advantage for the organizations of today. We devote a significant amount of time and resources to researching the best technologies available, and we are committed to engaging appropriate skillsets to support new platforms and processes.

A key part of our aggressive Big Data program is to seek out innovative partners with proven technologies. DataTorrent is just such a partner. Their powerful Big Data analytics platform allows organizations to act on their data in real-time, which is the next level of business intelligence. CEO and co-founder Phu Hoang stated, “With more and more data being generated from disparate sources, enterprises need the ability to process and analyze this data in real time in order to respond to and act on critical business events as they happen.”

Here at Trace3, we announced our partnership with DataTorrent on June 3, and we are excited to offer our clients the ability to process, monitor, analyze and act on data instantaneously with the DataTorrent RTS products. Enterprises need the ability to process, analyze, and act upon an ever-growing deluge of information. DataTorrent RTS enables enterprises to take action in real-time as a result of high-performance complex processing of data as it is created.

Another significant element of our Big Data initiative is our regional Innovation Day events. The topic of these events isn’t focused solely on Big Data, but they encompass technologies and organizational approaches. They concentrate on innovation and how the right solutions can bolster your company and create a significant competitive advantage for your organization. In these sessions, innovation experts at Trace3 will give you information to help solve problems you may not even know you have yet.

During a Trace3 Innovation Day event, your organization will be exposed to the most relevant and advanced technologies available. In one day, your organization will learn about the following initiatives, including the way DataTorrent can take your Big Data program to the next level:

  • Why Innovation
  • What is Innovation and why it’s important, complete with projections and case studie
  • Organizational Health
  • Staff Transformation
  • Scale Them
  • Emerging Tech & Research
  • Cloud
  • Big Data
  • What’s Next

We look forward to sharing more about the ways Data Torrent can transform your organization at an Innovation Day at a region near you!

For more information about Innovation Days or to schedule a time to talk to a Trace3 innovation expert, please contact:

Regions: LA, SD, OC, PHX, and Nor. Cal

Drew Cather-

Regions: DEN, UT

Steve O’Brien-

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