Innovate with Trace3 at our Venture Capital CIO Briefing

MAY 28, 2014

Trace3 constantly strives to provide innovative solutions, but one of our most unique and impactful is our Venture Capital CIO Briefing. Delivering a first mover advantage to our clients by delivering innovative technologies and access to these entrepreneurs is the key to this offerings success.

Trace3’s Innovation Group has empowered these clients who thrive on keeping their organizations on the cutting-edge. Recently, Chris Laping, CIO and SVP of Business Transformation of Red Robin Gourmet Burgers has been featured in CIO Magazine discussing his experience with the briefings and the impact it has on driving innovation within his organization. He is quoted saying:

“The opportunity is not just to purchase a product before everyone else, but to influence its development.  These conversations quickly go from, ‘What is this thing?’ to ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if it could…’ That’s what’s so compelling.”

Keeping up with Chris may be tough for his competitors with such a powerful tool and the vision to really leverage it to gain that competitive advantage.

To read more on the Venture Capital CIO Briefing and the value it has brought to Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, visit CIO magazine for the full article.

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