How Big Business is Harnessing A/I to Improve the Customer Experience

AUG 20, 2018

Artificial intelligence is taking over the headlines, and for good reason. New, confusing, and taking the tech world by storm, artificial intelligence is being used within the programming framework of everything from smart homes to robots. The concept of artificial intelligence is simple: machines develop their own intelligence and can “learn” and adapt to newer frameworks and interactions. It’s a breath of fresh air for programmers who are seeking to innovate quickly to keep up with the industry’s pace, yet still want to maintain their existing projects. B2B companies and organizations are the leaders in realizing AI’s potential, but everyday consumer products are not to be missed, either. Here are five you’ve probably encountered:

  1. YouTube. In early 2018, YouTube began implementing AI technology to flag inappropriate content for review. Now, millions of videos are removed from the site, with more than 80% of them being reported by bots rather than users. Their brand of SFW video content owes a lot to these little bots.
  2. Google. Tech giant Google offers their own Cloud-based AI services, including pre-programmed models for developers and products for HR teams. These products cater to almost every industry and offer a great solution to organizations seeking to utilize AI tools without the budget to start from scratch.
  3. JP Morgan. Wall Street just got an upgrade. Global finance firm J.P. Morgan debuted it latest tool, an AI-powered assistant, earlier this summer. The team hopes that the technology will be able to offer personalized, precise recommendations to clients browsing their online accounts. They work much faster than a human employee could, thus giving traders an edge in a market that moves at a lightning pace.
  4. Facebook. Facebook knows that it’s fighting fake news, bad reviews, and X-rated views. That’s why their Silicon Valley-based team is delving into machine learning and its uses in the online social space. Like YouTube, the site is eager to filter out offensive content efficiently and accurately, and preferably before articles like these go viral.
  5. Yelp. Local business review site Yelp is a given for customers to discover new restaurants, shops, hair salons, and more using a location-based directory and reviews from their peers. Now the Yelp crew is eager to add another element to that recipe: curated recommendations based on each user’s previous favorites. Never argue with your partner over where to eat again!

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