Holiday Wish List: Top Initiatives for Enterprises Entering 2018

DEC 18, 2017

Around this time of the year, many of us are hurriedly updating our Amazon Wishlists in time for the holidays – because you give a little, you get a little, right? When you’re not deciding what you want under the tree, we recommend creating a work wish list of goals. Unlike your wish list on Amazon, however, your enterprise’s holiday wish list cannot be accomplished by organizing what you want and hoping for the best. These initiatives will take work!

Like any other goals, though, their outcomes will be well worth the effort. Take advantage of the holiday outlook in your work life and craft a wish list of initiatives for 2018. Here are our top three recommendations for CIOs heading into 2018:

  1. Digitalization. With a multitude of new platform tools available, digitalizing your content just makes sense. Add some of these apps to your wish list, as well as some more office space. Look for sluggish areas of communicative flow throughout the organization. Chances are, lack of digitalization is the culprit of at least some of their underperformance. Not sure where to start? Encourage all of your team members to download Adobe Scan on their mobile devices. The app will eliminate the need to keep stacks of paper records hoarding the office space, and enable quicker sharing of information.
  2. Automation. Hand in hand with digitalization comes automation, which streamlines those mindless tasks that take so much time throughout the day. Attending to payments, checking emails, and scheduling meetings can all be automated to get the same job done with less work. A few easy switches can serve as an introduction to your quarter automation goals: send your business expenses to the bank directly with an autopay option, block out time slots each day to check your email, and use a feature like Doodle to plan meetings and events online.
  3. Leadership. As tech continues to become a prime force in almost every sector and organization, leadership skills are imperative for CIOs. They not only lead their own teams, but handle the technology that other teams rely on to function. The pressure is on, but with the right team, CIOs can rise to the expectation. As new working styles and strategies take hold, nontraditional strategies – such as remote employees, freelance professionals, and outsourcing – may be options worth considering. Leading the top talent should always be a priority, but finding them is definitely a valid addition to your enterprise’s holiday wish list.

With 2018 only weeks away, here’s to hoping your corporate initiatives are ready to launch at the beginning of the new year! And that your business goals are aligned with your technology roadmap to ensure tremendous success. At Trace3, we believe all possibilities live in technology.

One Response to “Holiday Wish List: Top Initiatives for Enterprises Entering 2018”

December 24, 2017 at 8:55 pm, Callie said:

So true, especially the point on leadership. With all the new tech coming in, I sometimes forget that my job really boils down to good leadership.


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