Highlights from Evolve 2019

JUN 17, 2019

Last month, over 1,000 guests flocked to Las Vegas to attend the Evolve Conference, Trace3’s annual 2-day celebration of business and technology. The days were filled with incredible presentations and workshops from business luminaries, Trace3 leaders, customers and partners. Evenings were spent in conversation and networking, closing with our Outlier Award dinner, honoring excellence and recognizing individuals who consistently deliver dynamic innovation and outstanding leadership in the field of information technology.


Evolve 2019

Today, we highlight a few noteworthy presentations and keynote sessions from Trace3 Evolve 2019.


Tony Olzak – CTO, Trace3 

Tony Olzak, Trace3 CTO, is a well-known and leading visionary in applying technology to business problems and initiatives. Tony kicked off Day Two with an exceptional keynote about how companies can encourage and sustain an environment of innovation and creativity to affect real, progressive change in your organization.

“The best organizations view innovation as a pipeline. It’s about repetition,” he said to the audience of customers and partners.  “It can’t be a one-time way of thinking.  It requires constant practice. Are you doing innovation every day?  Thinking about innovation every day?”

For more of the keynote, check out the full video here.


Gamiel Gran – VP Business Development, Mayfield Edge 
The Investment Landscape & Corporate Innovation Best Practices – A VC’s Perspective

With more than 25 years of operational and venture capital experience, Gamiel Gran leverages an extensive, global network of experts called the “Mayfield Edge” to help accelerate market traction for early stage companies.  That’s why we were thrilled to welcome him to his first ever Evolve Conference!

Gamiel dove right in and quickly noted the global venture capital market’s extraordinary success in 2018 – approximately $132 billion in over 9,500 companies worldwide.  Of course, according to Gamiel, investors are looking for much more than a nice idea and a few early sales.  What they are looking for essentially comes down to innovation and those that want to “change the world.”  He highlighted the innovative technologies currently on their radar, including the transformation of legacy environments, blockchain, AI and machine learning, and mapping of the human genome.   Next, was a check list of best practices intended to help encourage and promote corporate innovation. “Corporate executive need to give oxygen to innovation…set the message, define areas of focus and constantly bring innovation into the conversation.”

For more on Gamiel Gran, watch the full video here.


Fares Alraie, Chief Information Security Officer – Mattel  
Evolve 2019: Everyday Privacy – A Careful Race to the Right Place

As Chief Information Security Officer for Mattel Inc., oversees all corporate security and privacy for Mattel’s Global Technology Organization.  He also serves on a variety of client advisory boards for security companies and products.  It’s this extensive experience that made him an idea choice to share his thoughts on today’s security and privacy challenges.

Fares kick-off his presentation with a fun look at the evolution of children’s toys…from marbles, blocks and twine to handheld videos and connected gaming.  And it’s this evolution, “kids can swipe before they can wipe!” that requires a different way of viewing privacy and security.  He discussed Mattel’s three-pronged product strategy and then outlined seven key principles of ‘security and privacy by design.’

Learn more about how Mattel meets their security challenges here.


Through great leadership and innovative technology, businesses become titans.  Join business and IT leaders, innovators, and industry trailblazers for two days of inspiring and informative keynote discussions, prescriptive breakout sessions, and incredible networking opportunities at the 2020 Evolve Conference at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. The annual gathering unveils and analyzes emerging technologies, industry trends, product innovations, and leadership principles to help leaders develop strategy and successfully guide teams, departments, and organizations.

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