Hadoop Deployment Best Practices: A Webinar

AUG 26, 2014

Building an infrastructure is complicated, no matter which way you look at it. With so much data available to organizations, and so many tools to capture and analyze said data, it’s especially critical to construct an infrastructure that supports Big Data initiatives and flexibly allows for scalable growth. But how can you do this? And what are the differences in a data centered infrastructure?

We get these questions all the time, which is why we hosted a webinar (which you can get on-demand here) with our friends at EMC. This latest Data Science Central Webinar Event focuses on Hadoop as a solution for Big Data infrastructures, and covers deployment best practices, scalability, robustness, flexibility, and more. Additionally, Trace3 and EMC will explore the fundamentals of building anti-fragile infrastructure stacks that support Big Data flexibility. They will discuss the multi-purpose infrastructure for Hadoop environments, as well as the solutions they provide to make such environments a possibility. They will also detail the pros and cons of various design choices, and walk you through real-world cases with associated performance improvements and associated cost reductions.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to effectively solve various problems with scaling Hadoop today
  • A better model for a lower cost data lake
  • Which infrastructure model supports the needs of enterprise customers with the greatest interoperability for your business applications, as well as your data analytics activities
  • How customers are successfully leveraging alternative design choices
  • Details of tangible productivity and cost benefits associated with alternative infrastructure designs

Register now for the on-demand recording of Hadoop Deployment Best Practices: Scalability, Robustness, Flexibility

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