Data Lifecycle Management

MAR 30, 2015

Your Data Is Growing.
Hear how to leverage Commvault and AWS for data lifecycle management.

In this age of rapid data growth and stretched capacity requirements, CommVault and Amazon Web Services have teamed up to deliver a cost effective data management solution with lower operational costs, reduced complexity and a reduced security risk to business-critical data.

Join Trace3, CommVault and AWS in the latest edition of the Business Transformation Webinar Series to see how CommVault and AWS deliver an effective solution to manage your rapidly growing data and see firsthand in a live demo the different options available with CommVault and AWS.

During the live webinar, learn:

  • What options are available using CommVault to manage your data and AWS to store it
  • How simple it is to design and deploy an Archive solution to AWS
  • How to start today using AWS to eliminate Tape

During the live demo, see:

  • CommVault/AWS Technology overview
  • The different options available with CommVault and AWS
  • Next steps to start today using AWS

We hope you’ll join us for this exclusive event!

  • Title: How to Leverage CommVault and AWS for Smarter Data Lifecycle Management
  • Date: Tuesday, March 31st, 2015
  • Time: 1:00 PM PT / 4:00 PM ET

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