Counting Down to Trace3 Evolve Conference 2019

APR 17, 2019

Today’s Reality – Disrupt or Be Disrupted.

The 2016 Evolve Technology & Leadership conference, found Steve Wozniak (The Woz) presenting on the main stage challenging the audience to find a CDO – Chief Disruption Officer.  He said, “Give them space and a healthy budget to tinker and innovate. And maybe one or two of their ideas will help your business thrive and dictate the competitive landscape.”  He went on to cite several  well-known examples of companies that successfully pioneered an industry or drastically transformed an existing one.

Today, no matter the industry or market segment, disruption is the new reality.   And smart business leaders know they have to create their own opportunities.  Whether the disruption is internal – new tools and processes – or external – a new differentiated product or service, the catalyst for change is driven through digital transformation.  Of course, transformation can often be challenging and often painful.  How can you manage the business during your transition?  Can you work through the culture shift?  What will the process entail?

It’s time to find out.

Trace3’s 2019 Evolve Technology and Leadership conference offers two days of presentations and sessions challenging conventional thinking and inspiring new ideas and looks at the innovative technologies changing the face of our world in a new and positive way.

Evolve features keynote speakers with real-world experience sharing their insights and opinions for navigating success. Business leaders like Magic Johnson will discuss the challenges he faced and the steps he took to successfully build Magic Johnson Enterprises and the importance of leadership, customer service, and community.  Jocko Willink will interweave edge-of-your-seat SEAL and TOPGUN combat stories with practical leadership concepts and principles leaders can utilize to create a stronger team. Gamiel Gran with discuss how Mayfield Edge approaches investing and mentoring startups and how his team helps build and scale startups to achieve acquisition or IPO.  This year’s Evolve speakers focused on business leadership will offer a fresh perspective to help leaders evaluate new ideas to grow and drive the business forward.

Technology and its ability to help businesses thrive will be a topic addressed throughout Evolve by our esteemed speakers.  IT leaders will be exposed to what is trending in cybersecurity, AI, automation, cloud, data center, and more.  And determine what is important and relevant to their needs and desired outcomes versus what maybe more hype than reality.  Mike Walsh will provide a powerful, incisive, and inspiring view of the future and adress how to thrive in the current era of disruptive technological change.  Fares Alraie, Mattel CISO, will share his thoughts on the evolving threat landscape and the overall state of cybersecurity.  And Hew Leith, Co-Founder of Intelligent X, will present a mind-bending session describing how his company created and fine-tuned the world’s first beer using AI algorithms and machine learning.

Disrupting rather than being disrupted is critical for competitive advantage and business longevity. Through great leadership and innovative technology, businesses become titans.  Join business and IT leaders, innovators, and industry trailblazers for two days of inspiring and informative keynote discussions, prescriptive breakout sessions, and incredible networking opportunities at the 2019 Evolve Conference in Las Vegas. The annual gathering unveils and analyzes emerging technologies, industry trends, product innovations, and leadership principles to help leaders develop strategy and successfully guide teams, departments, and organizations. Disrupt or be disrupted.

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