Confessions of a CIO – Challenges of Managing Digital Transformation

NOV 20, 2017

It’s no secret that anyone with a three-letter acronym as a job title probably holds a lot of influence. Think: CEO, CFO, and, yes, CIO. The best of these leaders are game-changers. They make good decisions quickly. They are constantly learning. They set a positive tone that the rest of the team embraces. They diligently plan goals for each day, week, and quarter. But everyone succumbs to stress, and CIOs are no different. Trace3 maintains a consistent presence at the industry’s hottest events, and each time we connect with CIOs who share their everyday concerns with us. Here are the top concerns for CIOs when it comes to digital transformation:

    1. The rapid evolution. “Technology is developing exponentially, and it’s my job to stay on top of it and its potential uses in our organization.” With so much to keep track of in-house, it can be a stretch to stay on top of industry trends and news (both good and bad). “How do I prioritize my time between work and researching new tools, especially when the next big thing might just take us to the next level?” The job description of CIO changes with each development in information technology, and so off-days are off-limits.
    2. Our team’s tech fluency. “I can incorporate all of the best information tech into our strategy, but it does no good if no one knows how to use any of it.” Everyone on the team comes with their own set of training, skills, and experience. Unfortunately, that means that while they may excel in other areas, some employees may not have a grasp on contemporary digital tools. This creates a problem for CIOs, who want to integrate the finest technology into their organization for optimum output.
    3. Cloud computing. However much you know or don’t know about the Cloud, everyone knows that it’s right here and right now. All CIOs must address Cloud computing tools, whether they choose the public, private or hybrid strategy, or even if they choose to ignore it altogether (yes, delay is also a choice). The Cloud is an abstract form and comes with its own set of benefits and security concerns, which is a lot to put on the plate of an already-overwhelmed CIO.
    4. Network security. Gone are the days when a security system could be installed and forgotten about. With each new digital tool comes hundreds of new potential security holes, and the responsibility to cover all of the bases lands on none other than the CIO. The best strategy is detection & response, which requires constant monitoring and analysis.
    5. Finding the right partners. No matter how competent the CIO is, he or she cannot do the job effectively alone. Teaming up with a third-party can either double the worries above, or calm them drastically. Make sure that your partners create the latter circumstance by calling Trace3 for backup.

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