Commentary on the DevOps Market

JAN 08, 2018

At its most basic level, technology is about streamlining the exchange and circulation of information. Even Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, finds that it boils down to this: “I think the internet is really good in general because it helps people get access to more information.” Why, then, does the digital component of business seem to be the most mind-boggling and stress-inducing? What can CIOs do to further automate their systems? Enter DevOps. DevOps takes technology to the next level by streamlining its information with a combination of agile system administration and agile operations. Organizations globally are taking advantage of its collaborative benefits. We at Trace3 predict these five key developments in the future of the DevOps market:


  • Integration from Software Companies. The companies from which organizations purchase their software will begin to integrate some DevOps technology into the technology that they sell. Think: merging of developmental and operational modules, more stacking options, and infrastructure as code. These upgrades will introduce their clients to DevOps.
  • Legacy of Key Players. It’s no secret that tech can be a winner-take-all industry, and that the few best companies rise to the top. Keep an eye on Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Oracle. We predict that they will cater their services to their already broad customer base to include more DevOps systems.
  • Exponential Increase in Market Value. According to Scalar’s real-time market research data, the Global DevOps Market will grow beyond $6.51 billion between now and 2022 as the market becomes more infiltrated with its system, causing more organizations to catch on and implement DevOps projects. Even if you think financial trends are not of concern, it is important to note that the repercussions of this growth will most likely remain consistent with other growth in the tech market, meaning more competition, more start-ups in the area, and eventually becoming commonplace.
  • Growth in the Asia-Pacific. The Asia-Pacific region leads this regional market’s increasing demand for automated software both at the organizational and consumer levels, with points of particular interest being in India and China. While North America is the current global leader of the market, this may change as digital resources can easily spread and be replicated globally.
  • Enduring Partnerships. Companies that win at DevOps owe it to their team, both in-house and external. The best game plan? Partner with Trace3, whose record in DevOps integration and systems strategy is second to none. With Trace3, you can take your technological efficiency to the next level, streamlining not only the information circulation, but also your success.

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