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Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things

JUL 11, 2016

Moving from an in-house computing framework to a cloud computing solution is a big leap for many businesses to make. However, there are significant benefits to cloud computing for reducing operating costs, improving security and maintaining better hardware. Utilizing a third party who specializes in cloud computing networks allows businesses to expand their reach with lower risk to themselves overall.

Cost Savings

Using a cloud computing service provides significant cost savings to most businesses because it removes the IT needs from their internal office. This means that less space is required to house servers and other equipment, and less full-time personnel are needed on site to manage that equipment overall. This allows the business to focus on their core values and strategies, while the IT professionals handle the network. Plus, the cloud computing company has the resources and knowledge to take care of the network more efficiently with less down time.

One other feature of the cloud computing business model is that there are several different payment options available, which allow many small businesses to only pay for the services they are actually using. This means less money being spent on underutilized equipment in a closet, and the ability to scale their expenses as business fluctuates throughout the year.

Improving Security

One of the biggest downfalls of any large scale networking operation is its susceptibility to malicious attacks. In the past, opponents have argued that outsourcing IT provides a weak point in the network’s security overall. However, most cloud computing services have taken it upon themselves to prove that they are a proponent for stronger security. By specializing in IT management, they are better equipped to keep up to date with the changing

threats in the technology world, and will be better able to update security with patches and fixes on a regular basis, as well as conducting regular penetration testing to ensure that their security systems are truly functional. Most of their physical data centers are also certified through professional organizations so their clients know that the servers and other equipment are well guarded and under close watch at all times. This is something that most small and mid-sized businesses would not be able to accomplish on their own.

Equipment Management

Lastly, cloud computing services offer a higher standard of networking equipment than many small businesses can afford. Since this equipment can generally be shared and is flexible with its usage, businesses can take advantage of technology that would otherwise be outside of their price range on their own. This leads to higher efficiency, stability and reliability within the network, all with minimum capital investment on the business’s end to set up their own systems.

Cloud computing is the modern way of handling vast networks and providing well designed solutions that meet the changing needs of businesses as they grow. It presents a lower cost option to businesses that would otherwise not be able to afford the necessary means to set up their own equipment, management and security. Plus, it provides a more skilled and specialized team of IT personnel to handle any issues that arrive and solve problems in a timely manner.

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