Cloud and the Importance of Security

MAY 14, 2018

Everyone wants to be a part of the “next big thing.” From Facebook to iPhones to WiFi, we have seen it all. We’ve witnessed how being first can trump being the best when it comes to success in the digital age, and know that cybersecurity can trump capital when it comes to long-term sustainability. You already know that we’re big fans of the Cloud and its transformative power in the IT space. With the right security strategy, your organization can participate in the ever-growing utilization of the Cloud and its corresponding mobile services – and ideally, you’ll be the trend-setters.

  1. Consistent security. If you choose to base your security strategy within a Cloud-based application (and trust us, it’s more common that most IT professionals think), your data is harder to find and is protected by a bigger, more specialized system. Of course, while Cloud computing presents its own set of threats, it bypasses many threats we take for granted in the IT community, such as hard drive damage from natural disasters. Most important is to control access permissions and secure credentials; if both of these are consistent, so will be your security protections.
  2. Win-Win. As Cloud technology and mobile services allow organizations to scale quicker than ever, their demand fuels further development and allows them to grow side-by-side with the organization. Surprisingly, the progress of some of the most complicated technology boils down to the simple economics of supply and demand. The security of most Cloud-based systems allows for innovation and scaling without concern for constantly updating security procedures, so more of your energy can be devoted to furthering your organization’s mission. This makes scaling cheaper, too, since you’re saving time and resources spent on upgrading hardware security measures. Protect your data with Cloud-powered security and watch your organization and Cloud technology grow.
  3. Integration. We talk about integration a lot, but mobile Cloud services really change the game when it comes to pulling data from multiple sources into streamlined storage solutions and algorithms. Regardless of where the data physically resides, you can access it in an instant if it’s in the Cloud. Pro-tip? Expand the mobile Cloud integration to include all business processes for more efficient and less labor-intensive project management – your team will thank you!
  4. Going global. Cloud-based security strategies often mean you share resources with other organizations. They don’t have to be close geolocationally – they could even be on the other side of the world! This universal demand across many global tech hubs means that new tech will be developed consistently and shared instantaneously across borders.


The team at Trace3 is well versed in security from both an on-premises, cloud, or hybrid perspective. Developing a security posture for your environment requires a collaborative undertaking to ensure ease-of-use for your customers and associates, it is scalable and efficient, meets the governance and regulations in your industry, leverages existing investments as well as supports your business objectives.

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