Business Agility and Non-Stop Operations

MAY 19, 2014


Live Webinar: Business Agility and Non-Stop Operations

May 21, 2014 11AM PT /  2PM ET

Please join Bret MacInnes, Practice Manager UCS/FlexPod at Trace3, and Ron Graham, Data Center Architect at NetApp, who will explain how a simplified, flexible data center architecture can help you stop doing things the old way and become a true service provider to the business.

They will also address questions such as:

  • What if you could have total redundancy in your infrastructure so there was no downtime?
  • What if you could create multi-tenant environments for production, application development, and test/QA on the same platform for easy portability?
  • What if you could easily create new tenants and reassign resources as business requirements change?
  • What if you could offer secure multi-tenancy that takes the risk out of moving to a cloud infrastructure?
  • What if creating and managing this converged infrastructure were a lot easier than you think?­

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