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All Hail the Application with Trace3 & Cisco ACI

JUN 08, 2015

As we continue to build and expand our Big Data Intelligence practice, Trace3 relies on and partners with companies whose products are of the highest quality and whose technologies have proven success. It’s for these reasons that we work closely with Cisco and their ACI solution, which is one of the main focuses at Cisco Live.

The Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) simplifies and accelerates the deployment and management of Hadoop resources. In this framework, predefined Hadoop nodes can be added elastically. This also provides the DataTorrent RTS engine the resources needed to support dynamic workloads. By using Cisco’s high-speed networking and computing platform expertise, Trace3 leverages ACI to help organizations improve their speed to decision making, reduce the omplexities in their organizations, and significantly increase agility.

Trace3, along with our close partnership with Cisco and ACI, partners with DataTorrent and their RTS soltion, the world’s only enterprise-grade unified stream and batch processing platform. It offers critical enterprise features such as linear scalability and high availability, stateful fault-tolerance, in-order processing, advanced security, and dynamic updates. It also delivers an easy to use drag and drop application builder and real-time data visualization dashboards for developers, data scientists, and business analysts. And finally, all DataTorrent applications can be monitored and managed using a central operations console.

To round off the Trace3 and Cisco ACI offering, we leverage CliQr’s proven  CloudCenter. It provides out-of-the-box application profiles with integral topology modeling, simplifying the description of one or many applications and related services completely agnostic of cloud resources. Once described, the application profiles can be used to orchestrate, provision, manage, and govern applications fluidly and on any private or public cloud, unaltered. This functionality allows developers to then spend time where it matters – building code.

Trace3 confidently understands the challenges ACI solves, and we’ve had success with these solutions with sizable clients. Our organization is ahead of the competition and the market, and we are 1 of 2 partners in the US who have proven results.

We’re hosting a party Monday, June 8, 2015 at Cisco- we’d love to see you all there.

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