2018 Outlier Award Nominee Profile: Terry Dembitz

JUN 04, 2018

Terry Dembitz was hailed as an Outlier Award Finalist by Trace3 at their annual leadership and technology Evolve conference on May 9, 2018. Terry is a visionary leader who is more than worthy of the prestigious Outlier Award.  She serves as Vice President of Information Technology at Western Digital, which develops innovative, data-driven products that streamline workflows and upgrade storage options. Under her leadership, Western Digital has become the foremost authority on data, offering more solutions and services that any other player in the world. Now that’s an outlier.

We had an opportunity to chat with this exceptional woman in tech leading up to our 2018 Evolve Conference in Las Vegas, and wanted to profile some key takeaways for our readers.

  1. Core values – Dembitz’s work ethic consistently aligns with her core values of transparency, innovation, and commitment to company success. Her day to day success relies on keeping her imperatives front-of-mind and ensuring that not only she, but also those around her, strive to work with the utmost integrity and exceed demands. While her talent in the field speaks for itself through corporate accomplishments, her sustained demonstration of core values speaks to an admirable personal conviction that remains stable in a fluctuating field. We believe her when she says, “I build trust through the credibility of my actions and my words.”
  2. Strategic Teamwork – Many leaders with a high level of experience and expertise would “run the show” at their workplaces, so to speak, but not Dembitz. She makes it a point to listen inclusively to her colleagues and direct reports, and created an integrated decision-making model that has served Western Digital well. In the ever-evolving digital landscape, good decisions must be made quickly and without stagnation. Integration of peer feedback into decisions contextualizes them within the greater IT landscape and allows for the most well-rounded outlook. Dembitz’s reasoning? Her favorite Winston Churchill quote, “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”
  3. Passion – Most striking to us at Trace3 was Dembitz’s passion towards her role in the technology sector and the possibilities of IT to come! Dembitz’s consistent outstanding performance, across IT in many sectors, proves that her passion is personal. She’s earned the San Diego Magazine Top Tech Exec Award (2013 finalist; 2014 winner), the Hybritech Harmony Award, and Ligad’s Outstanding Leadership award, to name a few. Now, we at Trace3 recognize her achievements at Western Digital as a 2018 Outlier Award Finalist. She smiles, “We’re positioning Western Digital for the future.”

Trace3 is honored to annually present the Outlier Award to an individual who consistently delivers dynamic innovation and outstanding leadership in the field of information technology. And we are excited and proud to have Terry Dembitz as a member of the prestigious group of finalists for 2018.  Each year the Outlier Award winner is selected by a non-biased third party group of judges bringing their own expertise, knowledge and experience to the technology sector.  Through detailed briefs, video, and face-to-face interviews, the Outlier judges determine the Outlier Award winner from the group of esteemed finalists.

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Watch Terry’s 2018 Nomination Video – Terry Dembitz


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