2018 Outlier Award Nominee Profile: Michelle McKenna-Doyle

JUN 11, 2018

Michelle R. McKenna-Doyle, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of the National Football League, was one of the esteemed nominees for our coveted 2018 Outlier Award. She is an incredible leader with a versatile skillset empowering her to navigate, innovate and impact one of the most prominent and respected sports organizations with ease. Michelle brings an inclusive leadership style to her role and understands the importance of communication as she leads her team and the NFL through the constantly changing technology landscape.

Here are highlights of what we admire in this incredible NFL innovator:

Broad Perspective:

Mrs. McKenna-Doyle brings IT experience from a variety of media fields. Her previous experience as Vice President of Information Technology at the Walt Disney Company speaks to her entrepreneurial spirit and solution-oriented mindset. She led the company’s largest tech investment to date, the ‘Destination Disney’ initiative that reformed much of the company’s B2C management practices with digital solutions. She also served as Chief Information Officer at Constellation Energy in Baltimore, Maryland, where she oversaw their merger with Exelon making her the CIO of the United States’ top energy provider.

In addition to her professional accomplishments in information technology, McKenna-Doyle also holds a Master’s Degree in Business and is a Certified Public Accountant. Whether she is pitching a new media idea or reviewing quarterly plans, she always brings her financial skills to the table. “To be a successful IT leader… you should have a good understanding of how business works. Then you can apply the coolest and greatest technologies to solve problems.”

Defining Your Role:

We always talk about “defining your role,” and McKenna-Doyle – as the first-ever CIO of the NFL, worked with diligence and focus on defining her new role. Additionally, as an organization, the NFL realized that its future success relied on the adoption of certain new media technologies. She embraced both the possibilities and challenges of her new position with enthusiasm: “The organization wasn’t quite sure what a CIO was supposed to do, so it was a little bit of learning myself and how the organization worked as well as teaching the organization on what value I could bring.”

Getting Personal:

McKenna-Doyle is not afraid to bring her own consumption experience to the table. She is executive sponsor of the NFL’s WIN-Women’s Interactive Network and values her interactions with the organization’s diverse team. “I’m proudest when I see those guys and gals doing what they do every week-in and week-out and being fulfilled in their careers.”

Trace3 is honored to annually present the Outlier Award to an individual who consistently delivers dynamic innovation and outstanding leadership in the field of information technology. And we are excited and proud to have Michelle McKenna-Doyle as a member of the prestigious group of finalists for 2018.  Each year the Outlier Award winner is selected by a non-biased third-party group of judges bringing their own expertise, knowledge and experience to the technology sector.  Through detailed briefs, video, and face-to-face interviews, the Outlier judges determine the Outlier Award winner from the group of esteemed finalists.

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