2018 Outlier Award Nominee Profile: Paul Chapman

JUL 09, 2018

We often speak about the value of a transformative cloud computing strategy – one that enables organizations to innovate and scale quickly. One that’s optimized for a company’s specific needs.  And one that ensures companies transition their data with confidence to grab that competitive edge.

Enter Paul Chapman – harnessing the power and potential of the cloud as CIO of Box, a top Cloud content management platform. Box allows individuals, teams, and organizations to securely share content, collaborate in real time, and safeguard files securely from any Internet-enabled device.  Chapman, who was previously CIO of HP Software, gave us some insight into his work at the Evolve Conference, where we were delighted to honor him as a 2018 Outlier Award nominee.

Never Stop Growing

Box boasts a slew of well-known clients, including The United Nations Foundation, Sephora, Prudential, and Spotify, to name a few. In fact, 70% of the Fortune 500 employ Box in their game-changing work. The secret to keeping up with a range of diverse organizations, all doing different, but equally demanding work? Chapman jokes, “Change is mandatory, it’s the suffering that’s optional.” He boasts 30 years of experience, but is humble enough to embrace development, both in his own workstyle and at Box. “Successful IT leaders must learn to continually reinvent themselves in order to stay relevant.” Indeed, Chapman applies his relevant skills to three different advisory boards at Zoom Video, Sapphire Ventures, and RingCentral.

Get the Models Right

Serving 55 million users and 80,000 business is no small task. That’s why Chapman relies on strong core infrastructure as the base for Box’s diverse array of services and solutions. “If you don’t focus in on operating model, business model, and culture, no amount of technology is going to produce a successful outcome.” We at Trace3 know that the team behind the product is critical to its success, and admire Box’s commitment to a positive workplace culture.

Collaboration is Key

Many CIOs rely solely on their own experiences in making important IT decisions, but not Chapman. “My leadership style is very collaborative. I’m a big believer in the wisdom of the crowds.” He strives to learn from everyone around him and is always open to his team’s input and feedback. And it works.  The company’s success and continued growth is certainly proof that Chapman’s approach works.  Box’s collaborative culture challenges the status quo and encourages new ways to make an impact, regardless of the job’s scope.

Trace3 is honored to present the prestigious Outlier Award to an outstanding individual each year who has contributed dynamic innovation and outstanding leadership in the field of information technology. Paul Chapman is a member of the prestigious group of finalists for 2018.  Each year, the Outlier Award winner is selected by a non-biased third-party group of judges bringing their own expertise, knowledge and experience to the technology sector.  Through detailed briefs, video, and face-to-face interviews, the Outlier judges determine the Outlier Award winner from the group of esteemed finalists.

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Watch Paul’s 2018 Nomination Video – Paul Chapman

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