2018 Outlier Award Nominee Profile: Darren Haas

JUL 30, 2018

Trace3 had the honor of profiling the most outstanding Outliers in the industry at our Evolve Tech Conference and again on our blog pages. These leaders shine in both B2B and B2C environments, and apply their knowledge and experiences within their own organizations. They’re open to new ideas, decisive in their planning and empower their teams by fostering environments of inclusion and innovation. They expect the best, and deliver it as well.

Our judges hailed from renowned – and diverse – companies such as Mattel, Red Robin, Renown Health, and NetApp. Given this year’s stellar nominees, the decision was not easy. Ultimately, Darren Haas was chosen as the winner of the 2018 Outlier Award.  As the Senior Vice President of Software Engineering at GE Digital, Haas has more than 20 years of experience in technology. In addition to his professional work, he serves as a board member of the Open19 Foundation and co-founded Change.org. We were interested to hear Haas’ reflections on IT leadership and the future of IT.

Don’t get stuck. Darren Haas makes big decisions for GE every day, including taking the industrial company through the “digital industrial revolution.” An innovative example: 3D printing all parts, making repairs on equipment more accessible and quick for the GE team. “To be a good IT leader, I think it’s very important to continue to stay agile.”

Utilize the Cloud. Long before the buzz, Haas enthusiastically embraced the Cloud and its corporate potential. Not one to shy away from big moves, his first change at GE was to shut down the giant’s data centers, therefore ridding their massive overhead, and switch to a cloud-based framework. “My staff is now able to focus on engineering efforts versus day-to-day operations efforts,” says Haas, whose actions confirm a commitment to eliminating barriers to development.

Keep it Real. GE supplies a third of the world’s power, and their ventures include transportation, aviation, power, oil & gas, and healthcare. With such mind-boggling numbers, it would be easy for any leader to get impersonal. Not Haas. “My leadership style is very fun,” he says, also noting that authenticity and transparency are key to developing solid relationships. “I’ve learned through the years to just be honest, and I think people really respect that.”

Trace3 is honored to present the prestigious Outlier Award to an outstanding individual each year who has contributed dynamic innovation and outstanding leadership in the field of information technology. Darren Haas is a member of the prestigious group of finalists for 2018.  Each year the Outlier Award winner is selected by a non-biased third-party group of judges bringing their own expertise, knowledge and experience to the technology sector.  Through detailed briefs, video, and face-to-face interviews, the Outlier judges determine the Outlier Award winner from the group of esteemed finalists.

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