2018 Outlier Award Nominee Profile: Bryan Kissinger

JUL 02, 2018

Bryan Kissinger, PhD, Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer of Banner Health was an impressive member of our list of 2018 Outlier Award nominees. With over 30 hospitals and facilities in six states, Banner Health is a $6B organization generating enormous amounts of sensitive and private data from patients, employees, and systems infrastructure.  As a member of the Leadership Team, Dr. Kissinger is responsible for Banner Health’s information security risk and oversees the protection of all their critical data and infrastructure technology assets.

Define a Mission

Security challenges are on the rise. In fact, Dr. Kissinger reports that within the last decade, healthcare data has become a prime target for multiple hackers – cyber terrorists, organized crimes, and governments alike – leaving the industry with multifaceted vulnerabilities. Kissinger’s solution? A strategic alignment of Banner Health’s security goals and resources. “We’ve created seven pillars within our information security crew that are all focused on different areas of information security capabilities.” The team organized their standard protocol under ambitious solutions in order to best prepare for the progressions ahead.

Take Notes

Kissinger’s security practices are based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Cybersecurity Framework. Kissinger was quick to delve into NIST’s research and guidelines to best organize Banner Health’s security practice. “How are we enabling the business, and what innovative solutions can we bring to the table that can help them achieve their mission?”

Embrace the Team

Teamwork is critical to any organization’s success. As a leader, Dr. Kissinger recognizes the value of diversity and the benefits of a broad set of experiences as well as colleague feedback.  It’s this level of collaboration that enables the team to keep Banner Health at the top of its security game. Kissinger and team understand the extreme importance of their security goals and work together to meet their objectives  . “I think that our team feels like this is a fun atmosphere to work in and at the same time they’re making a difference.”

Trace3 is honored to present the prestigious Outlier Award to an outstanding individual each year who has contributed dynamic innovation and outstanding leadership in the field of information technology. Bryan C. Kissinger, PhD is a member of the prestigious group of finalists for 2018.  Each year the Outlier Award winner is selected by a non-biased third-party group of judges bringing their own expertise, knowledge and experience to the technology sector.  Through detailed briefs, video, and face-to-face interviews, the Outlier judges determine the Outlier Award winner from the group of esteemed finalists.

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Watch Bryan’s 2018 Nomination Video – Bryan C. Kissinger, PhD.

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