What Would You Ask Steve Wozniak?

DEC 09, 2015

What would you ask a true 21st century innovator? What makes them tick? What’s their proudest moment? What’s the future of computing? Now, you have just that opportunity. Trace3 proudly presents “The Woz at EVOLVE” – Steve Wozniak on stage at our annual technology and leadership conference in Las Vegas. Send us your questions for the Apple co-founder and current Primary Data Chief scientist and we’ll present the best questions to him live at our show.

Here are the best questions so far:


  • Who was one of you role models when you were starting out?
  • If you were starting out your IT career today (knowing what you know now), what field would you go into?
  • looking back at your career, right or wrong, which do you think  are some of the most important decisions you have made?  And why?”
  • what it was like dating Kathy Griffin – or was that just made up for TV ?
  • So much is written about Steve Jobs.  He has said, without you there would be no apple.  What if anything would you like the world to know about you?


  • Do you think we have hit the limit of Moore’s Law?
  • In your mind, what are the negative effects of the observed gender and minority diversity imbalance in STEM and technology?
  • What steps would you propose to help correct these imbalances?
  • What are your thoughts on artificial intelligence, specifically around morality/ethicality of AI?


  • How will hyper-mobility (like Apple Watch) change the data center?
  • As technology is evolving, what is your view on the relevance of Cloud computing, network and storage?
  • From a data storage and availability perspective, do you see a tighter coupling between storage and compute or a divergence between the two?
  • In the next generation of information storage and capture, how prevalent is analytics for that data and where do you see that information making it to the market?
  • Given the advancements in the Cpu architectures, NVDIMM, and Flash, do you see the line between memory and storage disappearing into more of tiered memory structure for primary computing?
  • What are some of the key changes on how companies identify and manage their digital assets
  • What are your thoughts on Open Source vs. Commercial software?


  • What are the most common traits lacking in IT leaders today?
  • What impacts will decentralized business & tech models have on barrier to entry & operations?
  • What do you see as the biggest impediments to innovation in most companies?
  • What have been some of the big roadblocks of a company in adopting new technologies?
  • Does the rate of change in the technology and the associated business advantage justify company standing more resources on forward looking activities? (research, POC, etc.)?
  • What do you feel are some of the truly disruptive technologies that are changing the business landscape today?
  • Looking at some of the most successful tech companies such as apple, google, amazon and etc., how much do you think the right product, the right management team, the right timing or just plain luck contributed to their success?”

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