Industry trends creating a new set of challenges for CIOs

SEP 26, 2016

by Chad Cardenas, President, Trace3 Inc.

At Trace3 we have studied specific industry trends we believe are rapidly changing the way solution providers need to be in service of IT Executives and the organizations they serve, and have taken strategic steps toward leading that change through our Innovation offerings.

Among the trends driving our strategic thinking around how we need to continue to evolve, are 1) broad adoption of Cloud services and infrastructure, 2) the growing opportunity of leveraging data to drive business outcomes, 3) the evolution of the role of a CIO from technology leader to business leader and the overall function of technology in business, 4) the blistering pace of technology disruption, and 5) the concentration of client-supplier relationships to a smaller number of higher value partners who can do more.

All of these trends point to a radically different set of challenges facing corporations and their leaders, in particular the technology executive.  Through Innovation, Research, Executive Services, and Elite Engineering, we have been able to get out ahead of these challenges and address them head on with unique programs designed to assist technology leaders on their journey to becoming the true business leaders of tomorrow.

Our industry-leading Venture Capital relationships and Silicon Valley VC Briefing Program gives our clients unparalleled access and a window into the future of IT like that cannot be found elsewhere.  Trace3 provides VC and entrepreneur intros, thought leadership discussions, and strategic innovation planning for clients in the heart of Silicon Valley (Menlo Park and Palo Alto) so they can go straight to the source of technology disruption with a program that is 100% customized to their specific business and technology needs.

Trace3’s Innovation Research function is dedicated to understanding the most common current and future technology challenges our clients face, researching the market for the right solutions, and helping Trace3 integrate those solutions and be fast to market with them on behalf of our clients.  While leveraging a proprietary vetting process and tapping into the top 15 Venture Capital firms in the world, the Silicon Valley entrepreneur community, hundreds of internal Trace3 engineers, and feedback from thousands of clients, we are able to help clients sort through the chaos of technology disruption and harness the rate of change to their benefit.

Through our Executive Services offerings, Trace3 identifies and delivers on programs specific to the needs of IT Executives through their evolution and transformation from technology leaders to the true business leaders of tomorrow.  We offer specific programs that help leaders distinguish the vital few from the trivial many (Essential Forum), provide the tools necessary to achieve greater levels of organizational health (Table Group off-sites), educate leaders with technology backgrounds on how to understand “the business of the business,” and properly promote awareness around initiatives that were driven out of IT with significant impact to the business (Press as a Service).

As the IT landscape evolves, so do the challenges facing IT executives and the organizations they lead.  Through Trace3 Innovation, we see these changes as tremendous opportunities to get out ahead of major trends with solutions that position you for greater success with a competitive advantage.

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