Trace3 Tech Blog: Kevin and Jeff give their thoughts on VMworld 2013

SEP 06, 2013

VMworld Update –

VMworld 2013 has come and gone. The Trace3 team attended VMworld at San Francisco’s Moscone Center, the 10th annual edition of the virtualization-related trade show.  In my opinion the most important tech conference of the year. And according to Kevin Martin, Solutions Architect based out of the Orange County office, the most important VMworld conference in years in terms of new product announcement. VMworld didn’t disappoint with huge numbers of tech professionals attending along with several exciting new project announcements. It was very clear from the get go that VMware is continuing its efforts to solidify a strategy around software defined computing across all facets of the datacenter i.e. compute, storage, and networking.

Big news thus far is the VMware vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS), a secure cloud service operated by VMware, giving IT a choice of both a shared cloud experience, (VPC) or dedicated, (VDC) cloud infrastructures that is fully VMware-compatible. Businesses can extend their private cloud infrastructure and networks seamlessly beyond their datacenter to a hybrid cloud model- See more at: Trace3 is leading the way in this space as we are part of a select group that has been chosen to test vCHS prior to its release (this month).  As we speak Trace3 is creating scenarios (such as stretch deploy, syncing of templates/iso from private to public cloud) that we feel customers would like to see and how it could benefit/apply to their environment.

vSphere 5.5 (x2 – think double everything around config maximums), the latest hypervisor version announced during the conference. There are too many new features to list here, but just think of it as bigger, faster, and better.  The release is scheduled for sometime in September.  See more at:

VMware NSX virtual networking platform (vNSX), is crucial to the company’s software-defined data center strategy, in which all data center components from firewalls, switches, load balancers, wan acceleration devices, etc…. are virtualized. If you like the products you use today for these services, no problem as Palo Alto, F5, Symantec all announced tight integration with NSX- See more at:

VMware Virtual SAN (vSAN), is a software based distributed storage solution built directly in the hypervisor, which pools direct-attached storage resources and creates clustered resources of both spinning disks and flash media to create flexible shared datastores. Make sure you sign up for the beta and you will be able to download and try it out in a few weeks. – See more at:

vSphere Flash Read Cache (vFRC). vFRC is VMware’s VM-centric data service caching solution in vSphere 5.5. vFRC is a read cache solution design to accelerate performance of read intensive applications. vFRC unlocks capabilities of flash based devices in vSphere virtualized environments which can be used for both, virtual machine as well as  the host.

VMware also continues to lead the way in mobile computing for the enterprise.  They have made huge strides with additions to the Horizon Suite, such as Mobile Manager, Mirage, and enhancements to View.  Furthermore if you haven’t checked out the latest release of View Feature Pack, check it out today for enhancements to accompanying solutions such as VoIP and flash redirection.

We will have additional blog posts expanding on each of these new technologies in the coming weeks.  Please check back regularly if you would like to find out more.  It’s certainly a game changing year at VMware. Any one of these five new technologies can make a huge impact to your business. We have lots to talk about, so get in touch with your account reps and engineers and set up time to figure out how we can evolve together and start implementing a software defined datacenter.


If you have any questions please contact Kevin Martin, or Jeff Wyant,

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