Trace3 Tech Blog: Deploy Horizon View LCs from single Gold image to multiple vLANs

NOV 22, 2013

Summary – This document outlines the process to be able to deploy VMware View linked clones from a single master/gold Windows7 image to multiple vLANs.  Network design is often overlooked when it comes to deploying 100’s or 1000’s of desktop VM’s.  Available IPs may become an issue when deploying VMware View at scale.  One way around this is to deploy multiple Gold images, 1 per vLAN/subnet.  This can become a burden in terms of having to manage multiple images when it comes to common tasks associated with end user computing such as application updates, Windows updates, virus definitions, etc.  As of VMware Horizon View version 5.2, you now have the supported ability to deploy a single gold image to multiple vLANs via utilizing the provided Powershell scripts included with installation of the View Connection server.

Prerequisites – VMware Horizon View 5.2 must be installed and the deployment method must be View Composer.  Common network understanding of deployment of DHCP scopes addressing multiple vLANs and switch configuration (IPHELPER, vSWITCH CONFIG, etc.)



Deploy Horizon View Linked Clones from Gold Image to Multiple vLANs

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